Thursday, September 10, 2009

impossibilities & windmills

sometimes sad feels right
happy looks nice
content is ok
but sad just fits perfectly

to live a life that was only happy all the time
people tend to think this would be great
but everything is balanced
if there is only up...

it's impossible
Don Quixote would be proud

Life's windmills are not always the size of house
sometimes they don't even have to do with you

I just wasn't there
how could I have been?

run the gambit
catch the prize

sometimes I sit in this chair
my back straight as an arrow
legs crossed, feet tucked under me
my hands poised over this key board
eyes stinging from the dim light of the monitor

I never turn on any other source

I sit here and stare
my mind off somewhere else
trapped in another story
an earlier timeline

I must look crazy

this crazy person is bunkering down in sad tonight
because sad feels like a cool sheet
and the breaths that leave my body push me down
away from myself

as the crickets chirp
the freeway buzzes
plane fly over
trains keep moving
a drunk stumbles down my street
that car runs the stop sign

and the stray cat comes a courting the not so stray that's mine

I think Don Quixote was happy
I think how free he must have felt and not even known it

what were those words?
this is my quest, to follow that star
no matter how hopeless
no matter how far

always the dreamer


sometimes you have to be sad
curl up in a ball
let go of the crazy
you're so happy
you grow


  1. I LOVED reading this. I'm all for embracing sadness when it comes with it's "cool sheet". This is such a wonderful poem -- brought me right into your world (inner and outer). The energy of it is very freeing. Thank you for a great start to my workday!

  2. Don Quixote was happy, and crazy, and wise...Sounds like someone I know.