Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karma Chameleon - red, gold and green, red, gold and green...

Simply put - what goes around comes around.
The cause and effect of life. For everything you do you get something in return.
Lots of people don't believe in Karma.
Lots of other people don't believe in honest politicians.
Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean its not real...

(like my ex-boyfriend who argued with me for a whole week about what gravity really was. He didn't believe it pulled us down... not the brightest star that shined, but that's what happens when you date people for ALL the wrong reasons...)

So, there I am, reading my text book
Chapter 3 is on Karma - karma yoga to be more precise - there are many varieties of karma... (and many varieties of yoga) kinda like wings at a bar. Hot 'n Spicy, Mild, Sweet 'n Sour, etc.

I just compared karma to something dead - that would be irony

Anyway, the whole chapter concentrates on karma, in the buddhist form - which is my favorite form.

The book states that karma is simple. The degree of happiness in your life is determined by the degree of happiness you bring to other people.

Simply put:

If you are a good person and you do nice things for people without the expectations of recongnition or reward = you will happy in the long run.

If you are a bad person and you do things in a selfish manor with many expectations and the belief that "if only, if only, if only" or "It's not fair! Why does he get to be rich while we struggle by" will only end in you NOT being happy.

...probably because you're complaining so much
trust me - when you do that no one around you is happy at all... it's like this droning noise just tapping and tapping and tapping at the back of others head...

no one like a complainer...

So there it is - karma - for every action is an equal reaction - basically, Newton's Law... NEWTON IS BUDDHA!

anyway, I'm sitting there on my bed reading my book, nodding a lot and I've even stopped outlining the chapter because I'm honestly just interested in what I'm reading. 

Karma Yoga is pretty cool.
Seeing that I only had 2 hours a of sleep I dozed off for about an hour - but the topic was so fresh in my head I started having weird dreams about people I haven't seen in a long while.

When I wake up it's all right there in the front of my head, Karma yoga,  people from my past, a mixture I don't much feel like dealing with, so I push it aside and decided I need to go to the store and buy some fruit and yogurt.

(There is a serious lacking of fruit and delicious greek yogurt - these are things I eat in abundance and never feel guilty about eating, so I'm always refilling so I can, well, eat them)

Groggy from my hour nap, after I push it aside, I immediately forget the whole karma thing until I get to the store when the person who was in my mid-morning nap dream is there. I was too tired to do more than stand in front of them and sway, then blame my kid for my lack of sleep even though its because I couldn't get my head in order last night and ended up having a panic attack at 1AM that led me to very unrestful sleep.

shocking how those coincide

This whole situation lead me to one simple question.
Is it karma, irony or coincidence? (or a manifestation of biblical proportion that only proves I'm some sort of sorcerer that can conjure up people when I least want them around me.)

Oh coincidental ironic karma... how you hate me being at peace, because now you know I'm going to sit an over think too much about big piles of poo...

I always wish I was more suave
That when I'm thrown into situations I don't want to be in I wish I could be so overly charming no one would ever notice how flustered I am - but sadly I'm the type of person that walks into the door frames or a walls when I'm in a bit of a tissy, or tired, or just in general because I'm texting...

grace is not my thing
so suave is out of the question

continuing my reading, and this isn't surprising to me because I've believed in reincarnation for as long as I can remember... (seriously, I think I was about 6 or 7 when I learned of it and it just made more sense to me than this "damnation" crap the church was peddling at my doorstep) the book clarifies that things we do not resolve in this life will be carried over to the next.

I understand this - but at the same time - CRAP ON A STICK! I don't want to deal with this again in this life time let alone another life time... 

Yes, it makes total sense, but COME ON.

That just adds to the coincidental ironic karmatic moment.

I wanted to resolve it, but was given a prompt - "there's the door" when I suggested it, and now I don't want to do anything with it - I just want it not around me so I can live in my oblivious state of whatever that I made up in the last year or so.

I mean, its one thing to realize that I've probably been a struggling writer for the last 15 lives I've had but that's just dressing in a life... but the idea of being intertwined with people that make me sad and hurt me, over and over, again and again - suddenly the churches "it's over when the old white saint sings" looks so damn appealing that I'm ready to chuck my book out the window and just get a job at the local mall... (ok, so I'm not willing to do that, but give a girl a break already...)

I'm going to say that the whole thing is just ironic because I don't really believe in coincidence and it doesn't fit the description of karma well enough... so it must just be irony...

how is it ironic - in it's simplest form - it was the totally opposite of what I wanted to happen...

I just wanted fruit and yogurt...

but no, I get wounds ripped open and failures thrown in my face.

oh well. 
life give you lemons, squeeze them in someone else's eyes!
That karma I'm willing to pay for...

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