Sunday, September 27, 2009

My week...

This is a recap of last week.

Monday -  dead to the word. Had 2 hours of sleep due to my mind not shutting of no matter how hard I tried...

Tuesday - this day was awesome! Met some really awesome construction workers that were super nice to my boy and that night I met up with some friends to talk about books and life and such... Good time all around.

Wednesday - woke up not feeling, *right* this turned into a full blown - "It's moments like these I really hate being a girl and boys have it so easy but they don't appreciate it one bit..." moment, stupid boys.

Thursday - still not feeling well, I've now missed 2 yoga classes and saw 2 more that I was probably going to have to skip due to being a chick - plus my son's little cold seemed to be getting worse rather than better. We put him to bed and he woke himself up, twice, from coughing so loud I could hear it through the floor.

Friday - woken up at 6:30 am. This was a pisser seeing that it was my day to sleep in. I was going to use the day to get caught up on school work, plus bills, cleaning, etc - all before collecting my son around 10am... ok so I was going to probably just study - but still.

By 10 am, my husband had went and returned to work. Our son's cold wasn't getting better, not by a long shot. He didn't want to eat, he didn't want to nap and then we realized he was having problems breathing, which caused him to cry and that made it only worse.

By 11:30 am, we were in the emergency room, they were pumping him full of drugs to open his airways and we were informed we'd be spending the night.
4:30 we were finally moved to a room. IV in place and thing on his toe to check his O2 levels, I was forced to carrying him down a hall with one woman in front of me dragging an O2 tank and one behind me dragging this IV stand. (behind them was my husband)
We made it to the room and began a long night.

The bad news? He has asthma (but we kind of expected this... his dad and his aunt both have asthma and I had chronic bronchitis growing up... needless to say the kid drew the short straw)

The funny news? We now know, for a fact, that our boy is straight as the day is long. Why? Let's just say Nurse Cindy made his night, and so did all of the other nurses. But the one man that came in, he just ignored him.

Now, nurse Cindy on the other hand. She was cooed at, giggling, crawling, and even the attempt to be picked up was involved.

That's my boy.

Even funnier? At 3 am, when I wanted to just slam my head in the door just so I would pass out and sleep... there's my boy, with his red toe sensor (the O2 thingy) it made his toe glow red, which was the most FASCINATING THING EVER KNOWN TO MAN! It looked like a scene from Empire Strikes Back in his crib.

This made me laugh to no end.
That and he some how managed to tie himself up with the cord that was attached to the sensor on his toe. (and then it broke. that was nice because he then went to sleep)

He ended up sleeping with me most of the night.
I don't blame him... I'm pretty rad... ;) ...sorry

But he came home yesterday, machine and medicine in tow.
Now ever 6 hours he hates me
Tomorrow we're hoping he will be taken off of it. He's doing great, but still I feel bad.
Not even a year old and he's:

- allergic to eggs
- allergic to milk
- has asthma
- hates meat...

Well, at least he has an awesome personality.
Here's hoping this week is better...

good night.


  1. There's nothing worse then a sick kid...And you never get good sleep in a hospital...While the health issues suck...At least you know at an early age and will be able to take care of it...I have asthma, but it'sgotten better over the years, to the point where it isn't a concern...Allergic to eggs and milk sucks!

    Hope this week is better!

  2. Mostly I just feel bad for him in a "society sucks" kinda way.
    Right now he's going to be the only 7 year old wearing size 10 shoes, on top of which he's nearly vegan (we sneak meat into his food - the vegetarians sneak meat into their vegan son's and now, it's just one more thing.

    My sister runs marathons a few times a year, I want to say at least 3 or 4 times a year, and she's had asthma her entire life.

    You know how it is. You just want your kids to be 100% and have no worries... I sure hope this week is better tooooooooo! LOL!
    At least for him.

  3. so glad I added this site to my blogroll and follow it

  4. So am I. ;)
    Thanks for the compliment...