Monday, September 14, 2009

Sometimes a little something, something is the little bit you need to keep going...

I think at some point in life, everyone should have a secret admirer.
BUT, they should stay a secret...
It adds to the quality of the situation.

A brief interruption in an otherwise "regularly scheduled" life.

And I don't mean just women, you men folk too.
I'm sure in someway that's selfish, but it's one of those tiny things.

A letter
Some flowers
A small what naught that caught your eye and made you think of someone...
Just a little memento to say "Hey! You're worth it!"


I don't remember the last time I had a moment like that... (both sides)
It's easy to get caught up in the serials of life.

A perfect example - showering.
You do the same thing in the shower each and every time you shower.
It's way too easy to become that cog in the machine...

And I don't mean stalkers.
I've had stalkers.
That's simply what happens when you work in the public eye, the crazies claim you as your own (and then stop by your store to tell you their fantasies of opening a Star Trek Theme Casino in Vegas one day and they hope you can make the opening... or was that just me?)
But that's not a secret admirer. A secret admirer is romantic, not crazy.

Yes - fantasy.
That's what they are.

Making someone worry about their well being is not what I'm suggesting
Making someone feel like a million dollars just because... that's exactly it...

So many little girls dreamt of their weddings, children, houses, etc.
I dreamt of secret admirers and jet setting.

Most of my yoga classes have a theme.
Tonight was all about love (yes. silly hippies and their love crap)
I think the most honest form of love is a non-selfish form. Yes, everyone is selfish at some point, but to be able to say, Hey! I love you. And then not act on it... that is noble - and difficult.
Because, generally speaking, when you find something/someone you love - you want to be by that something/someone.

See - so when you decided to admire someone from a far you're building tons of extra karma points -  ;)

The older I get the more I file Secret Admirers in the same folder as fairies and Santa Claus - they're something pretty to believe in, but they don't really exist. But maybe just believing in them can make them real - like hypochondria for the heart.

Always the dreamer
And this dreamer is very sore - but my biceps are starting to look fabulous!

sweet dreams to all
may someone admire you from afar
let you know how special you are, just when you need it

good night.