Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tattoo, pinups, history and more rambling from a sore mother of one. 36

This is stage one of my newest tattoo. In the end she will be in full color, and to let you all know - since I've been referring to her as a "geisha" she really isn't. She's Korean pop art pin-up girl.

Why did I pick her?

When I saw this picture months ago, I just fell in love with it. I know I posted about her before.

I hung the printout by my desk and would look at her for long moments.

You can't really tell, but her ribbons flow onto my back and her left leg is pointed just below my hip - I'm super excited for this to be done - October 20th - my birthday gift to myself.

All the time I spent at the tattoo parlor, I had a lot of time to just think about things. In the room I was in as I was lying in the table - in between conversations - I kept looking over all the artwork the woman working on me had on her walls.

She's an artist through and through. Went to school for it, just had a show and all of that besides being a very talented tattoo artist.

There was this one image of a woman who looked a bit bashful and another of an actual geisha - which was beautiful. It had a very Hokusai feel to it, but I never looked close enough or even asked if the image had been created by him.

I kept thinking how sad she looked, but somehow hauntingly beautiful.

Otherwise today was a big blur. Over slept, again, but then again I couldn't sleep last night - again. Then I hung out with the boy - got the tattoo - went to a short BBQ, came home and put both the boys to bed and then watched the end of A Very Long Engagement.

Which was wonderful.

Sometimes the French's whimsy and blood is wonderful - romance and love and war...

I'm calling it an early night but I just want to say this - a little food for thought.
People always tell you to let the past be the past, and then they tell you never to forget.
They also say that if we don't learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it, but how can we learn from it if we just let it go and how can we move forward if we don't?

Remember how lucky you are for everything in your life.
Remember to say thank you, excuse me (not excuse you), and to hold the door from time to time.
And remember that holding on to anger and being reverent of the past aren't the same thing. The only thing anger will do is eat away at you - even if you think you're spiting the person who caused it.

Sometimes it all means something
And sometimes - its just a fun moment - those are just as important as the deep stories of our life. Silly, stupid, crazy ass moments that make you smile so much your face hurts.

I have to do one or two things before I can crash out - so sweet dreams.
And tomorrow at 1pm (Eastern Time) look up a the say and say ever so slightly, "here we go brownies, here we go! Woof! Woof!"



  1. Let's not talk about the Browns!

    Nice tat!

  2. When I wrote that the jury was still out! OK... that's probably a lie, but the power of positive thinking! poor brownies...

    And THANKS! I love it!