Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Turns out that Bruce Willis is still just that hot...

After I finished up my - hello I'm seeking life and boy is it a roller coaster - entry last night I made my way back down to my living room and plopped down on the old couch.

Part of me figured I should go to bed - but I needed to unwind for a minute, remove the image of the old computer screen from my eyeballs and let the brain just quite itself. (I haven't slept much in the past few days, which was my fault totally, but here was the night to fix that.)

I grabbed this box of "yoga cards" I have and flipped through them until I found the meditation section and started scanning the meditation section. I decided on a meditation called "dragons breath"
(I tried to locate something online to link to, but everything I found wasn't the meditation I did...)
Dragon's Breath is a type of breathing.
You inhale through the nose and then slowly exhale - at the last moment you snap the last breath out of your nose - like a dragon (or even a bull) and you repeat this 20 times.
I up it with a bit of a mantra in my head - I'm a fan of the mantra, especially when I'm feeling down on myself. I'll pick some words that make me feel better and then I'll do the meditation 3 ways: one for me, one for someone I love and then one for someone I hate. (if I can't manage the humility to do the last one - I'll choose someone I'm neutral about, like the post man.)

When you breath like that it increases the intake of oxygen into your body, into your blood stream - which is very relaxing. It helps release the tension of the day and allows you to let go much easier.

Sadly I only made it 15 minutes, but it was well after midnight so I needed to retire to bed so that this lovely day could begin.

Which I did.

Now, with this lack of sleep I've been having crazy dreams about about being chased and attacked - but honestly it's not that they're nightmares (even though they sound like that) its more like I'm in an action movie - which was confirmed by the appearance of Bruce Willis in my dream last night.

Oh Bruce Willis, how I've had a crush on you for 20 years and it may seem like it will wain and wax like the moon - but really it's been rather consistent.

I love me some Bruce Willis.

Needless to say, when I woke with a start because I was afraid I was over sleeping I was slightly annoyed that I had been dreaming about him and couldn't go back to sleep. But it did make me smile all morning, hell I still am right now. (plus me and the boy will be having a Die Hard Marathon shortly. yes, we, will.)

With an extra skip in my step, I slightly forgave myself for the pain in my right foot/ankle that I attribute to Saturday nights activities - even though I seemed fine yesterday... hmm... but on another up note - that was the moment it hit me that I saw a shooting start on Saturday night.

It was late.
After the headstand fiasco.
And no one else saw it - but I did and that just made me smile some more.

Happy things are good - particularly when my stress level is on the rise...
The end of the year is approaching quickly - and that means I'll be unemployed very, very soon - and that scares the ever living hell out of me...

So I just take a deep breath and mostly pray a lot - I figure it will work out - it always seems to. We're pretty ambitious in this household and I will do what I need to keep my house in order.

Yes. yes...

I'm writing this early because I have to study tonight - I have 2 books to read (one that I don't own yet) by October 9th - and I need to work on this balancing issue I've been having - meaning I can't very well. (personally I think it's all in my head and I just need to suck it up and do it. What's the worse that can happen? I screw up my foot? TOO LATE!) HA!

With all of that said, I wish you all a very happy day!
May you dream of action sequences and Bruce Willis
May you breath like a dragon, even if you feel a bit silly doing it
And may you get the chance to wish on a shooting star - I've been told that wish will most certainly come true! Too bad I can't remember what I wished for... here's hoping it wasn't something like a llama farm... but knowing me, it probably was.

Off to Nakatomi Plaza!

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