Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In general, I'm giving up having my twitter on this blog... turns out that some moron with no life feels it's more important to hack into blogger and twitter to post their random crap online than to, say, read a book.

Read a book.
It's worth your time.
Here's a few to check out:

Dharma Punx
Ender's Game
I am Legend (it's not like the movie. no, it's better)
Dark Knight Returns
Memoirs of a Geisha (kinda like the movie, but still better)
Count of Monte Cristo

That should get you started... (I think I covered a lot, spiritual, sci/fi, horror, comic trade, romance, general awesomeness)

I've had about 7 different ideas for tonight's entry, but I'm too tired to blog right now.
Hence my snarky comments about hackers.

When I'm not sleep I respect them
But go attack someone else please...

and then go get some sleep.
I want some sleep... mmmm... sleep.

good night.


  1. geesh!

    weird ones out there huh?

    to harass a blog shows a real low life

  2. indeed, people are weird!
    Oh well, what'cha gonna do? lol...
    thanks for reading!

  3. Seriously... It's very annoying!