Tuesday, October 27, 2009


if you follow the path
you'll be just fine

but we don't
we stray

we look so far a head
we miss what we have
the treasures we dreamt of
15 minutes before

but if you follow the path
the one meant for you

the journey is wonderful
even when it really is not

because it's bad
except for when it isn't
then it's better
then you ever could have imagined

we look at the destination
but we never really see it

the destination is the same
for all of us kiddies

but if you follow the path
the one that doesn't tie you in knots
keep you up at night
cause you to have anxious thoughts


then maybe
just maybe
you'll take something with you

or maybe
just maybe
you'll leave something behind

that's is worth
more than all the questions
ever posed in this

yes, if
if you follow your path
and look at right now

you'll probably smile


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