Friday, October 9, 2009

The Irony Engine

I started my teachers training tonight and it was great.
Tiring, but great.
We ended our day with meditation - something that is a big portion of yoga - and let me tell you, sitting still for 15 minutes will force you to look at things. Force you to look at the world. Force you to look at yourself.

I know I talk a lot about judging on here. I'm not a fan.
I think that people who take the time to belittle others are really just pointing out the insecurities they have about their own life.
I've done it.
We've all done it.
You can make up excuses. Like, I was raised Catholic. And that the religion showed me how to categorize people and then judge them. Be it their choices in life, their job or that they're not exactly like me, (and why the hell would you ever want to be) there are always good "reasons" for doing this.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't have standards in your life, but when you don't know, when you don't understand...

You only hurt yourself when you walk that path.

Like I said, I'm not saying having an opinion about something is a bad thing - I'm just saying if you meet someone that doesn't exactly fit your picture perfection of what life should be, maybe you should learn more about life.

There are so many people out there to learn from.

The moment you think that you're perfect, or that you can't learn anything else, you might as well be dead. I hate the saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Well, if you can't its because you're being a bitch.

Life is too short
WAY too short

I know this one person that has an issues with race and color - I said to them one night, "I could never be prejudice because I love sex too much. And why the hell would I limit myself to the same type of person over and over when I could potentially meet a really hot guy that doesn't look like the poster child for the aryan front."

They weren't too happy with me, but you know what? We've been friends a long time.
No, I don't agree with some things they feels/says - but there is more to a person than just ONE stupid thing and if you stop talking to someone cuz of one thing - like THAT one thing - then you're doing the same thing as them...

Yes - I preach "you are who you hang around with"
So this just goes to show you that I am a hypocrite
But aren't we all?

Yes we are.

And what brought that on?
I have no idea.

Too much meditation
Cleans your soul
Clears your head
And if you're not careful... drives you crazy

When you're the type of person that can't sit still for more than a moment at a time...
When you finally get inside your own head you have to be careful...

You never know

After all this time, you may ACTUALLY not like yourself

And who wants to not like yourself? Let's be honest, most people can be pretty rad from time to time, if only you'd just let yourself be...

These are the things that keep the engine running... yes... the irony engine subconsciously trying to readjust your life into irony. One. Cog. At. A. Time.

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