Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's all fun and games until you get a little tipsy and go on facebook....

seriously, that's worse than drunk dialing.
stupid social networking encouraging the stalker in me to get all Richard Ramirez on the internet... ok, that's a bit extreme, but sometimes I wish - ever so fondly - that I lived in the middle of nowhere that didn't allow cable or internet access.
Yes - the first few weeks would be hard - decontaminating myself for the onslaught of streaming data I tend to fell my eye balls with - but at the same time, I'd probably sleep better.

New goal to add to my list - one day I'll own a cabin in the woods where I can hide away from this technological age and get more in touch with the Daniel Boone inside of me... (that sounded a bit dirty... oh well)

I'm a fan of all things technologically based, but still.
No tolerance, plus 4 beers, added to an iphone = stupidity.

With that said - my list of "things" is growing faster than it should (I couldn't think of one clean thing to compare it to - so moving on!)

My mind has made its way back to the gutter. It seems if I give up one thing, something old rears it's ugly head. Yes - in order to be the one true and glorious me I've decided to give up or at least cut back on coffee and all caffeinated beverages... why? Because this no sleep nonsense it really getting to me (and recently I've had to learn some about anatomy and that just makes you say, "crap! that's what's happening to me when I don't sleep!)

As every day draws closer to the end, it seems like I'm gather more baggage than releasing it. Maybe it's one of those things - you have to draw it all in close to let it all go...

Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm a pack rat and letting go has never been easy for me.
No, that's a lie, I can let go - a little too well...

Well - now when I move to my cabin in the woods where I won't have any access to communication devices for months at a time, I will have to fall back on all my girl scout training I received as a child.

I guess that means I want to know if you'd like to buy a box of thin mints... hmm... yep... probably gonna die out there! But at least I won't be drunk facebook'ing now will I?!!


  1. Drinking and facebooking have gotten me in trouble befor...I know I should give up on coffee, but I can't...I only have one tumbler in the morning at work...It's the afternoon, after I pick up the kids, and all my Mr. Mom duties are piling up...Then I want to write later that night...I have a 1 pot addiction...

    Good luck!

  2. I don't know if I can just give it up... I made it one day and then I had a mug the next... I figure morning coffee is not a bad coffee. It's the coffee that I drink around 8 I should let go of, especially if I want to sleep at some point!