Friday, October 2, 2009


Most seem to coast
An outline
A map
The definations are long
The facts are lost
The feelings never existed
We move more like water
Through life
Leaving an impression on everything
We touch
No matter how soft the lines are
But we can't think in that form
We need a solid
Like ice
Hard and jagged
We form ourselves into a mold
Bits and pieces trapped inside
And we stop
Let it melt you
Spread you thin
Touch the worlds around you
We hurt
We can't move
In an icy prison
We forget what it was like to
Move freely
To feel it all brush against you
We determine we no longer deserve it
We accept because we are proud
Grown up
Hunched over
Protecting our center
The walls
The posture
How can you define water
Defining yourself
Is foolish
Happy little jesters are we
Dancing fools
Who simply
Forgot to be unforgettable
Not definable
Special, yes
You can feel it
I know
I can feel it

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