Friday, October 2, 2009

Once upon a time...

I just saw this awesome movie called "The Fall" - I totally recommend it. Just an F.Y.I., in the beginning you may think it's a kids movie, it's not.

That said.

Today wasn't bad. Hurried, yes, but not overly bad.
I didn't fall asleep till nearly 3, turns out that if I nap in the after noon, I'm screwed at night.
So I didn't wake up till after 9, which was nice but my yoga class on Fridays is at 10:30 - and there was a lot of running around for me to get there just in time to hear the class saying, "OM..." through the door.

I made my way in, lost complete confidence in myself half way through class, stuck it out and then starting my errands.
By the time I got home I had enough time to take a shower and then run to get my flu shot - that took about a whole hour... yes... make an appointment... so they're not ready for you.

Came home, tried to clean, then the husband was home, the kid was home and it was game on.

Turns out if we miss a nap we get really, REALLY crabby
and smack our mom in the face.


But then I saw The Fall... it was so good.

I've written this blog in my head 1,000 times today.
Earlier I was rambling some psycho babble as I drove from place to place attempting to figure out my life.

Always attempting
One day I'll succeed

Then the hits just started coming in, one after another.
A lot of nouns thrown at me - a lot of nouns that I want nothing to do with.

I'm officially over with this wretched year...
I need a fairy tale...
One that starts with Once upon a time... and ends with a sense of joy that consumes me as I breath the words, "The End"...

Sadly that won't be coming, at least not tonight...
I'm calling it an early one.

good night.

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