Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuff to remember me by

Books - always books:

I've found over the years that people either like Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights.

Two of the Bronte sisters battling it out over what you should read.

I've never read Anne... I really should.

Emily Bronte wrote Wuthering Heights
Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre

I read Jane Eyre first. (Actually I read The Wide Sargasso Sea first, which was written by Jean Rhys and is about Bertha and Rochester's marriage. Bertha would be the one that set the house on fire and nearly killed Edward).

I later read Wuthering Heights, and I was never a fan. It's a good book, don't get me wrong, but the melodrama was too much for my blood. Jane... well, she's a woman I could relate to. Smart, quick and courageous - I could see myself in her shoes.

Yes, if you wondered, this is the book where the term "Plain Jane" came from.
Maybe that had something to do with it too.  As a growing girl I wasn't the "bell of the ball" if you will, I was more of the Bell's Sidekick - so reading about someone like Jane Eyre just made my day. It said to me, you can have happiness, friends and love and not look like Heidi Klum and that I thank Miss Bronte for. (Its not a very common message in this day an age.)

I've read this book 2 or 3 dozen times and I love it and I wish more people loved it too. Let me rephrase. I wish more people - both men and women - would look at a book like Jane Eyre and see WHY its such a classic. The underlining theme of the story is as true now as it was back in 1847.

Moving on...

Here he is. The man who has been stuck in my head for so many years now I wonder why I'm not a drunk in the gutter...

or maybe he's why I almost was...

Charles Bukowski.

I'd pick one of his books to talk about, but what's the point? I'd be back on here tomorrow talking about another and another and another.

He sat in a dilapidated apartment, drank cheap beer and wine, worked for the federal government, had more women than any man I've ever met.

He wrote every day. EVERY DAY! Come hell or high water.

In a time he should have been lumped in with the Beat Generation he flipped them the bird, puked in their piano and went about his business.

I love Charles Bukowski.

I once had a dream about him and his last wife Linda and a puppy.
I woke up the next day to realize that the last thing I had read of his was "Love is a Dog from Hell."

His books are still being made into movies - like Factotum
His books still affect people deeply - like the band Hot Water Music

He was a genius and he's been dead for nearly 20 years - which I can't believe for a minute.

One of my favorites of his was The Most Beautiful Women in Town.

If I had to live the rest of my life on a desert island and only take one author I would take him because he's one of the only people on this planet that someone never knew me but saw inside of me and said what I was thinking.

Charles Bukowski - the Poet Laureate of Skid Row

I've wanted to be a writer longer than I've wanted to be anything else. I read these books and I think about the worlds they create and I want to give that gift to people.

But if I never could.
If I died tomorrow, I would want you all to go get a library card or go to the book store and buy a book you never normally would.

Read Dune or The Time Machine
Pick up a copy of Nora Roberts latest romantic adventures
Borrow a copy of some of the classics from your kids who are being forced to read them at school

Check out their summer reading list and read it.

Everyone should read. Where else can you see a space cannon and 1,000 different species of alien where the cgi isn't crap?


Remember me for my passion of the spoke word.


  1. It's funny, people seem to forget that there are still Libraries...I take my kids to the one by our house every week...We always get one book that isn't our norm...I'm hoping one day that they appreciate it!

  2. I'm terrible about going to the library. Every week I say, 'Next Wednesday!' that I'm gonna take my boy there so he can go to story time and meet other kids and then something happens.
    I just hope he loves books as much as I do.
    Books from me
    Music from his dad.