Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things to remember me by

I'm adding more to this list:


The Count of Monte Cristo - I don't even know what prompted me to read this book all those years ago. Chances are I saw a copy of it sitting on my parents bookshelf and grab it in passing, or maybe it was that I caught the movie on cable. (Actually, I think that was the reason) So I read it.

I was very different from the movie - no, it was EXTREMELY different from the movie. They tried to give the world a cliffs not version of something that couldn't be shaved down that much.

But in turn I fell in love with this novel.

Alexandre Dumas (who also wrote The Three Musketeers) is an amazing writer and I highly recommend all of his books.

This book made me want to write better and, in general, read more of the classics. I still think I've missed out on a lot because I let myself get intimidated by great novelists and then only allow myself to read main stream books.

[One of my many mottos - Just because it's on the New York Times Best Seller list, doesn't mean it's a good book. It just means that a lot of people bought it. Those two things are not the SAME thing.]


This band is one of my greatest loves. Yes, I love Grieg. Yes, I love Nina Simone. Yes, I love Glenn Miller. (moonlight serenade is one of my all time favorite songs)

But at the end of the day - this band is probably one of my oldest and greatest loves ever.


They have talked me off ledges and danced me through good times.

I picked this cover because it's their most famous, and honestly, their newer stuff... yeah, not so much... but Rancid (1993), Let's Go, ...And Out Come The Wolves, Life Won't Wait, Rancid 2000 - are all filled with little bits of my heart.

I've never seen them live.
I've never wanted to. I know that sound assbackwards, but I've built them up so high in my head it's better to never know.
I've known people who've met them, hung out with them, gone to picnics with them... never.

They will always be the band I still (to this day) have pictures of randomly around so I can look at them and smile. The band I listen to when I need a friend or I'm so mad that I want to hurt things. They're one of my closest friends, and I honestly love them.


I watch more movies than I watch TV shows. I always have, probably always will. (even with the tv blog).

My favorite genres are as follows:
- Action
- Sci/fi - Fantasy
- War
- Romance

But at the end of the day I'll watch all of them from really bad movies like Frankenfish to movies I think are wonderful and should be seen by all because they truly are a classic film, like Gojira (aka 1954 Godzilla). I will watch any movie.

Pick one.

The only movies I tend to avoid are the "lets make fun of things" movies (i.e. Super Hero Movie, Dance Movie, I became a hollywood script writer to sell my soul to the man and just write a script copying what someone else already wrote movie).

I don't have one "All Time" favorite movie. There are too many out there for me to pick and tell you about and tell you why I loved them.

BUT if you're a fan of Samurai movies, you should check out Zatoichi - the Blind Swordsman. (Actually, if you're a fan of Samurai movies you should also check out - Seven Samurai, Rashomon and pretty much any other movie directed by Akira Kurosawa. Seriously. Brilliant)

Russian History:

When you read philosophy and spirituality books they'll tell you, we're ALL the same.

We're all the same.

I love history. To learn from the past, to learn from others mistakes, is a hard thing but an essential thing if you ever want to truly change yourself, or the world.

Enter Russia.

This empire is one of the greatest that ever stood and in a way we had the chance to watch it rise up and fall down. But she'll rise back up again.

Our relationship with her is like a bad breakup. We only tend to relay the crappy stuff.
Rumors at best, most people (especially the cold war babies) we tend to look down our American noses at this Goddess and slap the label of Crazy on her forehead.

She has 11 times zones and climates that range from wintery landscapes to tropical paradise.

But people hear Stalin and communist manifest and see red.

I love history. From Mesopotamia to our current conflict in the Middle East, but I fell in love with Russia a long time ago.

Other Random Things:
- I drink at least 2 cups of tea a night
- I change my favorite color at least 3 times a year - currently it's blue
- I can't sleep in pants, and if I do I have to tuck the cuffs into my socks or I'll wake up
- Halloween is better than Christmas and my birthday combined
- I prefer dark chocolate
- I'm addicted to American comfort food
- I wanted to be a painter at one point of my life. I was 13.
- 13 is one of my favorite numbers because it was my due date
- 22 is also a favorite number cuz it was the day I was born
- I'm superstitious
- I'd go to the air show every year if I could
- I wanted to become a navy pilot, not because of Top Gun, because in 1982 I discovered the F-18 and then I wanted to join the air force because I discovered the SR-71 Blackbird.

I need a vacation
But won't probably have one for a few years, which is a travesty.

I hope you have a great day!


  1. Isn't she? If my son would have been a girl that would have been his name.