Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is for all the women out there, young and old, that don't think they're perfect...

I found this online, it was posted on twitter and I saw it earlier. What was funny about the moment was right then I was thinking about how I need to tone up more - I'm human and my body image has always been an issue for me.
I've never went to extremes, but still, my self-esteem has been in and out of the toilet over the years. Which is, sadly, a common thing in this world.

Lots of foundations like to scream about super models and how they make young girls hate themselves. If you don't look like Heidi Klum there must be something wrong with you. But I'll tell you this, Heidi Klum works out and takes care of herself. 

There is a bigger problem, one that we aren't seeing because the models aren't reality show celebrities that we can see on Lifetime a few times a week. The bigger problem are print adds.

Yes, back in the pre-computer days of magazine making people figure out how to give babies fish feet by over lapping negatives or over developing things - but then adobe created photoshop and rich people who decided what is or is not beautiful got their hands on it and did this:

This is not cool world. This is not right. That woman was fine just how she was, even before the 10,000 lbs of makeup they cover her up with.

Beauty comes in all shapes and forms and anyway, no one should be judged on their looks alone - that is the ugliest things of all. So pass this on and tell a woman you know how they're perfect just as they are - because we all are perfect in our own way, and you don't need to have a longer neck, plumper lips, bigger eye or rounded shoulder to be that way.

It's not right.
Not even a little bit. 

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