Wednesday, September 30, 2009

to short. no time. sleep.

short is not a bad thing
i'm so tired right now
i don't even feel like using the shift key

is that tired
or lazy?


I went to yoga tonight for the first time in too long
It was an awesome class
It was a basic beginners course, sometimes I love those more than my other classes

as I always say, I can fall in yoga

I wrote another poem to post on here
but I quickly lost it
I lose more poems than I ever post
I was short today
in the bad form
and then it was over
because it's half past midnight
and tomorrow is Thursday
and it's October

My husband is snoring
no sleep for me tonight

suppose I should just go study
I miss sleep

I miss two weeks ago when I wasn't cold

I miss gravy
mac n cheese

and in the end
the only thing that keeps running through my head
is, if you don't like you
if you don't love you
how can you love anyone else
or like them at all
if you live in fear
lock out everyone
live your life as a lie
just go through the motions

like I said...
it was a good class

maybe tomorrow when I get on here
my eyes won't be crossing

there's always tomorrow...
there's always something more...
good night


  1. "there's always tomorrow...
    there's always something more..."

    Is there? Am I getting too deep again?

  2. There has to be, because if there isn't... After only a few hours of sleep filled with dreams that I wish I had never had (maybe I should just call them nightmares) but after all that, if there isn't something more, if there isn't tomorrow... It wouldn't be a good thing...

    I know there's more.
    This is just a bad rest stop.