Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why don't I write things down? You know - important things...

There is a reason people write lists.

It's so when you go to the store you don't come home with 20 things you never needed and nothing that you did...

I am feeling behind and overwhelmed again tonight.
Plus this heartburn is killing me... lame-a-tron.

I don't even know what I'm here to talk about today. Hmm... let's see...

WELL! I decided to move forward with a lot of things. I'm going to start working harder on all of my blogs (even the ones I tend to ignore like that dorky boy in high school that just wants to be your friend because he thinks you're cute and you may get drunk one night and let him do things to you, even though it would never happen because there isn't enough beer in the world to get me that drunk... never happened to you did it? ~sigh~) I'm totally kidding.

I think I'm going to start working on one website that brings all of THIS together. Like a home port that would lead out to all of my blogs and interests. Also, I'm planning on starting a 4th blog soon.

You know. With all my down time! HA!

The new blog will deal with living as a vegetarian - and I mean vegan - not ovo-lacto-vegetarian...
There will also be posts about yoga and meditation and general wellness (recipes, detox, etc) Why? Well, I think that a lot of "healthy" things in this world are generally dismissed because people hear tofu and think "cardboard." And that's not true.
Or they hear "meditation" and think "hippy."
Actually, I'm rather guilty of that... BUT now I'm obsessed with meditating (even if I don't mark it down in my yoga teacher training manual... I really don't know why I don't... I forget things to easily.)


This is my week...
Tonight: finish this, try to work on the other 2 blogs, read some yoga stuff, meditate and go to bed
Monday: clean house, try to plant some flowers and bulbs for el spring-o, get to the store, yoga, study and I really need to start writing.
Tuesday: small wonder is home, so there will be lots of playing with him - then probably write for a bit and I'm having my tattoo filled in - can I just tell you how excited I am about that... BECAUSE I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED I MAY PASS OUT!
Wednesday: small wonder, set up blogs for Wednesday night shows, hopefully go to a yoga class (because I need to observe and transcribe 2 and I'd like to have one done before next class), then watch TV, come on here and then sleep.
Thursday: get older, get tags
Friday: clean, finish short story, study more, yoga, (actually yoga and meditate every day), get ready for the next day - so sleep!
Saturday - HORSE BACK RIDING!! Cook food for tailgating...
Sunday - Go watch the Browns, tailgate and then read The Beezewax about how much he hates them :)

Oh how I'll sleep when I'm dead... :)

For the short story I'm thinking something noir... what do you think? Hmm....

I'm going to go make some delicious decaf tea (yep, bye-bye caffeine) curl up on my couch and read. You have a wonderful night!



  1. That's so cool I made the list!

    lot to do without coffee!

  2. It's part of my Sunday routine - watch the browns lose, read your comment on how much they suck on twitter and then come here for some Monday Moaning!

    I think I'm just going to switch to strait speed... just THINK of all the energy I'll have then! lol