Monday, November 30, 2009

And just when you think you know what you're doing... porn

I keep statistics on this blog. That is to say I have this code I put in the body so that I can see how many people read my mental breakdowns. One part of the program is set up to show how people find me, and my favorite section are the "search words" that lead people here.

Would you like to guess what the top searches are (after my name)?

They are as follows:
- baroness naked
- ordinary girl
- naked ordinary girls
- hot ordinary girls
- ordinary girl naked
- ordinary girl porn

ah... yes! I knew I should have just committed to it when I was writing erotica - but no.

See world of porn! People just want to see ordinary girls naked! And G.I. Joe's Baroness naked - or they want to see Sienna Miller naked and with that I'd say just google her name or see Factory Girl, but that may be creepy cuz I think its around the time her character is strung - which is never pretty.

Mostly it just makes me laugh.

anyhow... I'm supposed to be doing my homework so I think I'll go do that. BUT to all you people that keep ending up on my blog searching for porn... good luck on your hunt and happy holidays.


  1. That's awesome!

    Hairy b@lls is a top one for me...I used the phrase in one post, but it keeps getting me hits...That and skull F's!

  2. Now that I wrote this I have tons of hits! Lol!
    I should write an apology blog too all those people out there that are just looking for some porn but instead they find me. :)