Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Individuality, life and how we just screwed ourselves by passing Issue 2 in Ohio

Back in 2000 I remember sitting in my living room watching the big map of the old US of A light up red and blue.

Florida light up all blue - Al Gore was our next president!! Excited and ecstatic, I went to bed and then I woke up to the news papers head lines "GEORGE W. BUSH! PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!"

How? And on top of that... WTF?!!

And that is when I began to watch how politics really work. How our government really runs and how it really doesn't matter - as long as the idiot with all the money is the one in charge of the TV and all other media. (clearwater... blurg)

Over the last few years I felt we, as a nation, was making progress in the food industry. With movies like "Super Size Me" the awareness of how unhealthy it is to eat fast food daily was brought to the forefront of our culture. Then this year "Food, Inc" (which was released on DVD yesterday) took it one step farther tell us how the food industry, like ALL industry in the United States, is a business.

Just like those widgets and toy factories - we mass produce "food."

But people just don't get "it." They don't or are not willing to see the bigger picture. This was evident last night when Chris Gore announced on G4's DVDuesday that "Food, Inc" was out and that we should rent it - even though it made him leave the room a few times due to what he had to see - how our FOOD is made. He then commented that there is CORN IN EVERYTHING (which isn't normal or natural) and Olivia Munn squeaked, "Oh! That's good right?! I love corn."

Here is a woman who isn't stupid. She's bright, intelligent, funny and extremely charismatic and even she doesn't know how bad this is for all of us.

What does that say about us as a country in a whole?

Over here in Ohio we had an Issue on the ballot about Farming. This Issue would affect the out come of Farming for the WHOLE COUNTRY!! The commercials made it seem like it was a good thing. If we passed "Issue 2" we would "SAVE" these animals...

Wrong again. Issue 2 now makes it legal for the mass production of animals, just like those widgets in that toy factory.

"Don't be so mad A! People didn't understand!" <- that's what I've been told, but here's the thing. You know that woman, man, teenager that came to your house that one night with the Issue 2 flyer? They came to YOUR house to help you UNDERSTAND and you just got angry because how DARE they interrupt your down time. How DARE they bother you after a long day at work, with your kids, doing what you do... What a bunch of ungrateful jerks...

They work jobs too, you know. They also have families and they decided to take time out of their busy lives to help you out so this wouldn't happen.

And we shut the door in their faces as we curse their existence.

So no, I will be mad. I will be mad because no one reads the fine print, or takes the time to find out what the issues are about. We are angry that people want our "hard earned money" to better our schools. We are angry that people interrupt our "well deserved down time" because they want to help us understand what is on the ballot.

We vote for leaders on single issues.

We judge the book by its cover.

And now we have put people out of jobs. We've destroyed entire towns. We have killed the American dream because we were too busy to find out the facts. We were too tired voting on American Idol to take the time to educated ourselves on voting for the REAL America.

Issue 2 lowered the regulations on animal care. Issue 2 said it's "OK" for big business to take over farming.

Yes, I understand that is sounds like a good idea - but 13 people are now in control of everything.

These animals will be confined in cages and barrels no being able to move around. When animals are kept in these conditions they poop and pee on themselves - this ups the chances of contamination, and that means more e coli and other meat related illnesses spreading faster and farther throughout our country.

This also means an issue with the environment because the air regulations in these "factories" well, they're not - if we're gonna shove'em in cages, why would we make sure the air they breathe is clean?

Europe and 7 American states have banned these ideas over the years - but not us! No, we're going backwards. Setting a new standard so low it suddenly makes that ex-boyfriend/girlfriend of yours look like a real gem.

And to bring it all together - here is a list of organizations that were against Issue 2:
- The Humane Society of the United States
- The Capital Area Humane Society
- the Cleveland Animal Protective League
- the Toledo Area Humane Society
- the Ohio Farmers Union
- Ohio Environmental Stewardship Alliance
- Progress Ohio
- League of Women Voters Ohio
- Center for Food Safety
- Ohio Sierra Club
- Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association
- The Columbus Dispatch, The Cleveland Plain Dealer & the Dayton Daily News

Ohio Farmers Union is that place that puts together all of those Farmers Markets we love so much. They ARE FARMERS and they're even against this...

So now what?

Yes, I can sit here and seethe, rant, rave and just be so angry I start spitting flames from my eyes - but what is that going to solve? Nothing.

Now we need to fix this. We need to write our congressmen, they work for us, we need to take a stand - because just like with everything else in this world, there is no "good time" there is only now - so maybe now is the moment we stop making excuses and start making some change.

When did we become this passive?
I don't know, but it really breaks my heart...


  1. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

    When did we become this passive?

    We always have been (the majority at least) because activism takes too much effort.

  2. Whenever you find yourself on the side if the majority, it's time to pause and reflect - Mark Twain

  3. Glad I got that one right...Even on the Ballot they try to be so sneaky about how things are worded...Most people I talked to thought this was going to be better for the animals, and better for the consumer...What a mess!

  4. I know and that's what makes it even worse. That's something you should say in your letter to your state rep! :)