Friday, November 13, 2009

my 5 minute blog about life

I've been busy and every time I think I have TIME I find I don't. What I mean is that I'm having problems juggling my blogs, my school work, my family the 7 books I'm reading, the one I'm listening to and breathing.

Thank god I don't have to do that consciously.

But sleep has prevailed as the winner as of late. Which means that soon, too soon, I'm going to have to start NOT sleeping to catch up - or GASP - stop watching TV.

As for my "death march" I'm still on point - but most of my dynamic posts have been in pen form seeing I can do that in the living room as I play with my son at the same time. If he see the computer it's just a worlds of chaos that normally ends in a 3 hour period of my fixing things that he some how set out of sorts.

That said.

If I knew I only had 9 months left to live I suppose I should come to terms with my past relationships. Both romantic and friend - because honestly how can anyone be at peace with themselves when they refuse to look at themselves.

Yes. It's uncomfortable.
Yes. It's not easy.

But I'm betting the peace of mind, when it's over is worth it.

NOW! I have to get my son before he accidently sets the house on fire. He's a very creative 1 year old.


  1. Those pesky kids sure do get in the way...Sleep is what I sacrifice...But I keep the coffe growers happy!

    I hope it's worth it!

  2. Sleep normally is the first thing to go in my life too. I need to get back to the grind stone. I'm lovin the sleep, but it sure makes me feel lazy!