Sunday, November 15, 2009

sigh... sigh... FREAKIN SIGH... sigh

mostly irritated
generally pissed
and I don't know why I try

I hate when this happens
when I get like this
this feeling
I hate it

but here I am again

I sit here seething
fuming about things
about everything
and I don't know why

Its like water torture on my brain
can I just have the guillotine
a sharp one

its just some sort of game I play with myself

people who don't matter
people who don't matter
people who don't matter

maybe if I write it enough
it'll stick
you know, like that teacher on TV
that make the kid
write the same things over
and over
and over
and over again
on the board

think that will help?

so I seethe
and I stew
and I grow angry
at myself

I want cheese cake
and coffee
and chocolate
and cheese
and my brain to shut off

mostly I'm thinking lobotomy

it just makes sense

like warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream

stupid brain
time to shut you off

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