Thursday, November 26, 2009

things that I'm grateful for

the only thing you can do in life is hope that the people who have touched your heart and have helped mold you into the person you are will always be with you, and if they can't be - all you have is the hope that one day they will...

Things I'm thankful for:

  • that I didn't think about all the reasons I shouldn't get pregnant and then did, because if I would have thought it through I probably wouldn't have my son today.
  • last years bout of depression, because if I hadn't fallen that low I probably wouldn't have started re-connecting with people on facebook - which means I probably wouldn't have this blog. Because the only reason I stuck with this blog is because a old friend said he'd read it.
  • I probably wouldn't be a yogi either, back to the depression comment. Because another friend picked me up and said, "try this" and I did and I love it.
  • Mistakes
  • The scene in "Home For the Holidays" when Dylan McDermott sings to Holly Hunter, "You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again." Because I sing that in my head when I need that extra boost to keep moving. 9 years, I've been doing that.
  • Getting over myself
  • Meditation
  • Everyone I have ever met, good and bad.
  • Learning and living that the past is in the past. You can't change it, so why ruin the present trying?
  • Chaos theory and the butterfly effect, because there have been so many cross roads that I've been at and thought I should go one way, when something happens and it changes my perspective forever. 
  • Learning that what people say behind your back isn't really about you, it's about them dealing with you how they see fit.
  • My friends. The ones I see all the time. The new ones I've made through school. My blogging friends. You.
  • Love. Sounds cheesy and cliche but among the things I've come to terms one is that I "love" to easily. I used to put a big red slash through this fact about me but I now choose to embrace it. Does it mean people love me back, no. Does it mean I'm happy all the time, no. But it's who I am and I'd rather love and have my heart broken 1,000x over than being so dead inside that I look like a vacant painting.
  • Tuesdays Gone With the Wind
  • Gerald Finzi
  • Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Being slightly insane
  • tattoos
  • red nail polish
  • amazing memories and passion
  • age and wisdom
I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, even if you're not from around here. It's easy to concentrate on all the shitty things in this world. But it's hard to look at those shitty things and make them into something great.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. We just finished watching Home For the Holidays...One of the best traditions we have...I'm really glad youstuck with this blog...I always look forward to the next post!

    Mistakes is agood one...Always love the lists!

    Hope it was a good Thanksgiving.

  2. I was a good one, and that is a good movie. Thanks in general!
    Hope your holiday was good too!