Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day

I had fully intended on coming on here yesterday and writing an homage to all the men and woman who have sacrificed their lives under the veil of our American Flag.

World War I - the first war to "end all wars" ended on November 11th 1918 (at 11:11... I think...?).

Anyway - I've been going to bed super freaking early. Turns out when you work out close to 7 days a week, having  nice 8 hours of sleep is a good thing. Plus, this whole "accepting meditation" into my life has really cleared my head.

No joke.

All those nights of laying awake and over thinking things is almost gone so when I go to bed, I tend to fall asleep - which means I'm not up till 1am and it means I'm not here blogging at 1am... and I kinda think that's just okay.


I don't want to neglect Veterans Day.

What I find is that some people don't feel the need to say thank you to these people, these soldiers, that have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. Yes - September 11, 2001 happened, but when you weight the fact that the last time a foreign enemy attached us on American soil was December 7th 1941 - some 60 years earlier - you need to realize just how good we have it.

I am not a fan of war, just like many other "peace" people out there. Some how people mistake not WANTING war in our world as an invitation to tell these men and women that we don't want them.

What is that?

One of the hardest lessons we all have to learn in life is that yes, peace is beautiful and you really should strive for it - but war is there for a reason too. And fighting that war may be against the grain of your body - but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

SOMETIMES our country needs to stand up for us and other people on this big rock we call home.

It's not an easy thing - but there are too many layers. Yes, feel free to use the "onion" metaphor here.

There is this story told in the Vedas about ahimsa (peace) about a monk and a town that is being harassed by this over sized snake.

The gist is this:

This wondering monk stops in this village and the villagers beg him to help them.

So the monk heads out and finds this snake. He is big. He is scary, and the monk tells him that he needs to live in peace with the villagers. He taught him how to live peacefully.

A year went by before the monk made it back to the village and when he did he found the snake. Once large and beautiful, he was now beaten, bloodied and battered.

"What happened?" Asked the monk.
"I did what you said and all the kids now hunt  me down and torture me and throw rocks at me." The monk smiled and looked at the creature and replied,
"I advised you against violence but never told you not to hiss."

Yesterday was Veterans Day, one of the few days of the year we are asked to make recognition of these people that keep hissing at our enemies to keep us safe and so we don't have to. Every day should be when we say thank you - even if you don't agree with the politics behind the war they fought, in the end it was for you and me and everyone we know.

This country was built on our need to stand up for ourselves - we're a big stir-fry of all these other beautiful countries filled with history and knowledge and so much to give to the world.

And the next time you're out - tell a Vet thank you. They're reason you have the chance to do so.

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