Sunday, November 8, 2009

When all else fails - wine is all the insight I really need!

When I got home, after doing the slew of things that needed to be taken care of due to neglect from a weekend of yoga school fun, I dragged my ass on over to here and sat down.
My fingers posed over the key board I stared blankly at the screen realizing I had nothing profound to say...

This really bothered me...
I mean I was JUST IN CLASS I should have something profound to say...

But no.  My brain was drawing a blank and I decided to just turn off this lovely little machine that puts me in touch with everyone and everything ever known to man! (and then some)

And then I opened a bottle of wine. So now, I'm SO FILLED with insight. Honestly, if you're not sitting you should.  I may blow your socks off. Or worse, your feet.


I spend a lot of time telling my self how much I suck. TURNS OUT, not that healthy of a thing to do... lol... but hey, kicking yourself in the gut is much easier to deal with than waiting for the people you meet over time to let you down.

There are two very flawed things about that statement.

#1 - I shit on myself. Why? EXACTLY!
#2 - not all people suck.

Flaws are some of the most beautiful things in this world.
When a diamond is flawed you see this extra facet of color, sparkling at you - but the jeweler tries to get you to buy the "flawless" one that is more boring than those NOVA films we were forced to watch as children in grade school.

Flaws rock. Flaws are AWESOME! Flaws are the very things that make this world spin around and around and around...

Those idiosyncrasies that I yell at myself about are my special thing.


So in closing.

I feel preachy when I come on here, but I figure if I'm being preachy I should at least tell you to like yourself. You're awesome. The reason your friends and family love you shows you just how awesome you are!

Don't take it for granted, like I have for so many years. Learn from other mistakes - don't be the dip wad that can't figure it out.

Don't be the "No I really see things Half-Full!" when you see things half empty - LIKE ME!

OH WINE... how you make me drool randomness on the computer...

And now... I'm going to bed where I plan to dream of fairies and dew drops!
(cuz I'm a girl and that's what we do...)

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