Monday, November 16, 2009

Womans lib or just another reason to ignore everything else and pretend we're better than the rest of the world.

Over the weekend it came to light that the mystifying Belle De Jour - the infamous Call Girl in London - is none other than Dr Brooke Magnanti, a research scientist in Bristol.

Yes. She's an educated woman who needed money to obtain her PhD and did so on her back. Well… according to her book and show, she did so in a number of other positions too.

The world gasps! How could someone such as she be... be a... PROSTITUE?!!!

One article I read even stated she set back the woman’s movement. That's right. The only way to keep the 'Woman’s Movement' moving forward is by being another “cog” in the machine.

Personally I think that people are just plain shocked because most believe to become a call girl you must have either been abused as a child, from the gutter or you're just too plain stupid to get a “real” job.

Because a real job isn't like taking it uncomfortably from the man...

In relating news:

On Friday a bunch of Food Network Stars visited my little town, one of them being Sandra Lee, of Semi-Homemade fame. 

She is probably most appalled by these developments. In an interviewed by a local radio station, Lee commented that girls these days don't have anyone to look up to.

"What about Michelle Obama?"
"I mean real role models like June Cleaver."

Yes because there is nothing more positive for young girls to look up to than fictional female character that was created by a man.

(she also commented that... girls look up to these pop stars that have their boobs hanging out all the time... watch her show or just google "sandra lee cleavage" - her's are always out)

I'm sure she's confused by these developments across the pond and is somewhere currently muttering something about how Dr Magnanti's demise is directly related to BBC’s airing Fawlty Towers. “John Cleese is not a positive female role model! What did they expect?!”

Because we've all learned the only way to get super smart is by watching TV. Just ask the Baby Einstein company. The showed us good!

I suppose the only way to be a real 'stand up' woman is to lie there or just don't do 'it' at all. I remember when one chick I kind of knew found out she was pregnant. Her BF said to me, "I was so surprised! She never sleeps with her husband and then I remembered the holidays. She must have been drunk."

That's how real women deal with sex. They don't.

Now don’t you feel silly if you're like me, someone who's a fan? I mean I’m a big fan of the old “sexual relations.” I think that it’s a darn fun past time and hey! If you’re good at it and you love it, don’t they always tell us to “do what you love and the money will follow?”

See. It’s not that difficult.
I really don’t think that Magnanti is over glorifying prostitution any more than Sandra Lee is over glorifying being a nimrod that thinks TV personalities are real.

Mostly I say congrats to the fine Doctor. You have a bigger set than most people I know. But in the end it comes down to this.

The only thing the general public is interested in are fluffy controversies, and better yet if they're of the sexual nature. God only knows if we used this much energy on helping people who needed disaster relief, feeding children, building homes for the homeless, bailing out people who DON’T have billions in the bank, finding a cure for cancer, providing health insurance for families that need it, finding jobs for the unemployed, giving money to schools so our kids can get an actual education, brining back our men and women from war – we may actually be able to accomplish something and save a few lives.

But why do that when there’s a Doctor in England who’s doing research on how to save children from cancer who was a call girl once?

Yes. We should use our spare time on calling her a whore. What else is there to do that's just that fun?


  1. Hey girl. You are on a roll. Love your post

  2. Thanks Linda! Hope things are good