Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ever changing

I really wanted to come on here last night and write, but I didn't get
home from class till well after 11.

Yes, 1 year ago that would have been the beginning of my night, but my
intent was to rise early today with my son.

And rise early I did.

These weekends are the hardest. Back to back I'll hardly be home the
next two weekends and then during the week there is homework, life,
the other things you can't avoid.

Moments like these make it worth it. Hard moments make the pains I'm
going through are worth it because I've gone from feeling "it" to
seeing and realizing "it".

Who I am... for now. ;)

I want to say thank you to you the people reading this. Reading all of
these... If you comment or if you don't, that doesn't matter - to me
what matters is you read this at all.

You have helpped me heal
You have helpped me grow
And I really appericate it.

Have a great day!

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