Friday, December 11, 2009

is this thing on? hello? mom?

I think that I just grow more tired with each degree the temperature drops. By spring I should be in full hibernation, which is great, if you're a bear. But seeing that I'm not it only adds to the amount of things that are stressing me out.

I should take vitamins.

I should move to someplace that's warm.

I should NEVER move to Alaska.

Including this weekend, I only have four more weekends of class to go. Yes, the end is in sight and I am happy because I'm not much of a student. Don't get me wrong, I could sit in my yoga class circles every day of my life and discuss history, anatomy, philosophy and pose postures till the cows come home, but the whole other side is just kicking my butt.

Freak out!

I've peptalked my way into sleep deprivation and then when I am awake the only thing people want to talk to me about is Tiger Woods.


Coffee doesn't work any more. My tolerance level is so high that the delicious black substance just lulls me to a hypnotic state where I only say things in sanskrit and answer questions by folding into bizarre postures that I know will render the quiz master speechless allowing me time to flee back to bed.


I miss my warm soft bed! DAMN IT! I MEANT TO BUY NEW PILLOWS...

I need to go now and study something. What? I'm not sure anymore.
I look at my list of homework and I've done most of it... I think
I think
my brain


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