Thursday, January 28, 2010

The hard life I build for myself

I've come to the conclusion that, in the end, I actually prefer to get in my own way - that allows me to have something to bitch about.

At least that's my excuse for how frantic I feel about the amount of homework I still need to tend to before tomorrow evening at 6pm. Yes, it's another yoga weekend that I both cannot and can totally wait for. Trust me, I love my yoga weekend, but the longer this process takes the more arduous re-entering the real world is for me.

(as seen here)

I'm at a point where I need things to settle so I can more forward with my life, perhaps find a job (this is still proving harder than getting my husband to watch an episode of Glee with me, which is an impossibility. It would soon be easier for me to breathe underwater.) But with school ending and having that little certificate in hand I can then start handing out my brand new business cards that say I'm "certified." As for right now, I'm only certifiable.

I do have a plan to fix my money issues, but it is contingent on a lot of outside factors and that means more waiting. Waiting which will only add more stress to an already elevated level. On the positive side if things progress as planned I will go from having "0" jobs as of this moment to having "4" by March. All of those paychecks will be directly deposited into my savings account (except for a few dollars here and there I need to do fun things like eat or dress my child). This is the plan that will help set me at ease, it will help me sleep at night and then - after a while - it will allow me to work only one of those jobs and be less spazzy. Plus I think starting to re-enter a world where I get to speak to beings that are over the age of 15 months old is probably a healthy thing.

But that means getting through 6 more days - that's 2 more weekends - of training. I'm sure later down the road I'll come on here and tell you about how much I miss my fellow yoga teacher trainees, because I know I will, (where else can you go and sit around in yoga pants and eat delicious food all day long while discussing the finer points of sanskirt?) But for now I'll just work on blogging about how I'm procrastinating rather than doing my homework... see getting in my own way!

On a lighter note, my husband taught my son how to slowly raise his bottle up in the air and say, "baaaaabaaaaaaa!" Like he's super angry at it. It's beyond cute.

I should eat something. I just realized it's 2 and I've only had the left over food my son won't eat. Butter noodles, banana cookes and melon... yum.


  1. How can your husband NOT like Glee? The show is awesome. It's funny, smart, and has music - all in one package.

    Certified, Certifiable - same difference. At least that's what I like to tell myself.

    Best of luck as you approach the end of your yoga training course and prepare to find a job. I know you are anxious to get back into the workforce.

  2. He refuses to watch it. I got him to watch the pilot and after that he just told me I was crazy. I look at it this way, he doesn't like most shows that I watch. 9 out of 10 times I watch my TV when he's out or in bed... such is life!