Thursday, January 7, 2010

I shall see you on the flipside my friends...

This will probably be my last post for a while. This is a school weekend, which means by the time I get home it will be late (Fridays till 10) or I'll just be tired from doing yoga for long periods of time. (My class is relativity small but doing 15 yoga routines is still a lot of yoga and after 8 hours of that - I don't care who you are, you're going to be tired.)

The other portion of my weekend will include a few things:
1st - On Friday we're watching Peaceable Kingdom (which I'm not all to thrilled about because I don't like seeing animals hurt or being murdered. That said, the events open to the public at the Yoga Room on Murry Hill in Cleveland. It's a vegan potluck so if you want to join, please bring some delicious food too!)

2nd - I have to give a talk on dharma and a theme from the Bhagavada Gita or the Upanishads. Which is to say I have to pick a theme and discuss it with my class. I find that I'm not nervous I assume it's because so many of my class mates are. Everyone's freaking out so bad that I've kicked into over drive and I'm just sitting here going, "Alls good! No worries!"

3rd - Finding family time. Which is hard when I DON'T have class - seeing that I'm either studying, writing or attempting to finish that weather machine that allows me to live in 75 temperatures and not move... but lets no be crazy - I'd much rather move.

So when it comes down to the wire, getting on blogger to write out my rant for the day falls to the way side.

Honestly, I should probably use this time to write up a short essay or even just pick a few quotes I like but I feel my old ways of nihilism popping up all around me. Too many years of being a little punk princess - that probably explains why one morning I woke up craving substance and no longer want to refer to the human race in such a negative soulless way. Hmm... Or maybe I'm just over thinking this.

Or maybe.. just MAYBE I'm being lazy...
Noooo! I'm conserving my energy for such a busy weekend! Yes! That's the ticket!

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