Friday, January 29, 2010

Lord Hanuman - the Monkey King!

Lord Hanuman is a monky and an avatar of Lord Shiva- one of the big "three" in the hindu religion. In my head I like to picture him like this -
Hoho - a.k.a. "The Monkey King" Ni Hao Kai Lan

But that's just because I've seen that episode of Kai Lan about 2 gagillion times... the reality is that Hanuman looks more like this -

Lord Hanuman is the son of Anjana who was cursed and the only way to break the curse was to bare the avatar of Shiva which would be known as Hanuman. This is what she did. When Hanuman was born to Anjana, just before she retruned to the heavens, she told her son that he would never die and that fruits as ripe as the sun would be his food.

Now, Hanuman was a very impetous god, that is to say he had ADHD on steroids and then mixed with speed and maybe a jolt or two. When his mother said that "fruit was as ripe as the sun" he heard "THE SUN'S YOUR FOOD!" With his super powers, being a god he had quite a few, he lept from the ground and shot into the heavens inching closer and closer to that bright big ball in the sky, slaviating the entire way. Indra, another diety, had to strike him down with lightening.

The thing about Hanuman was that he was gifted. So smart he mastered all Hindu scriptures in a mere 60 days. He was strong, could fly and many other things - but he was impetious and would nearly kill himself each time he jump at anything he wanted to do.

So it was decided. A curse was brought forth on Hanuman - this curse only allowed Hanuman to see his greatness when others showed it to him. He could still do all those crazy wonderful things but he never knew - except for a moment here or a moment there - that he could.

I am Hanuman.
You are Hanuman.
We are ALL Hanuman.

No - we don't look like a monkey adorned with gold and jewels but we have gifts that we don't see because life just gets in the way. We don't see them until someone else says "Hey!" and you think "Oh yeah... I FORGOT!"

I learned of Hanuman a few weeks ago at an immersion I was part of and I do the story no justice, but the little monkey amuses me more than I can say. Then this week (which included the saddest day of the year, January 24th) as I sat depressed, again, I woke up so sad and I said, "Please, please help me. A sign. Something to help me keep going." And last night in class, a class I didn't want to go to, she spoke of Hanuman. I went to that class because of a comment that was posted, that comment made me say "I can do this. I WILL do this."

Today is a new day.

Know you're never alone, even when you feel so alone your heart breaks slowly in your own darkness. There is nothing wrong with being a crazy little monkey - well, unless you plan on throwing pooped at me.



  1. Good now you feeling better after listening to Hanuman stories. Actually Indian mythology and stories makes one laugh when they hear first time and that too if they are from the other part of the world. Here we have stories which talks mostly symbolically and sometimes may defy logics yet most of them will have hidden scientific reasons behind them. The more you analyze chances are that you may end up with more answers and n number of perspective for this one story. They are so intrinsically woven and are mostly inter-related. Hence it is always better to soak up only the essence of these stories rather than going behind the rationality.

    A very simple example is the ‘Third Eye’ of Lord Shiva. We all know the simple fact, even if it is for God; eyes can be only two. Yet we have seen many new studies proving the importance of that part between our two eye-brows. Scientists has been talking in length about that area of our temple above eye-brows is very essential and a crucial part through which we concentrate, observe and so on and hence have to keep it cool (This is one reason why in those days, monks paste sandal-paste all over temple right above the eyebrows every day after a lovely shower in the serene rivers).

    So nothing is wrong and nothing is right. Its all in our eyes…

    God Bless!

  2. The mythology of your country facinates me. Everystory I read is just as you say, folds and folds of meaning and I love it.

    I find that each time I hear one they touch me in a different way.I hope that one day I'll be able to head that way and see some of those beautiful temples you posted images of a while back.

    It's a dream and a goal!
    Thanks for reading!