Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play nice or I'll pop you one!

This post is dedicated to all those professionals out there that directly effect the livelihood and well being of our children.

Yes. It's dedicated to the doctors, nurses, teacher, teaching assistance, guidance counselors and the other numerous individuals who grace our presence daily with their need to do nothing more than conform our children into a mass quantity of duplicated individuals.

They'll laugh alike
They'll walk alike
Some times they'll talk alike

But at least then they'll fit neatly into some predesigned slot for them allowing them to have no creative juices to have to deal with.

As someone who was put down, called stupid and didn't meet the expectations of these predetermined deadlines in their life, it only makes me angry when I see this now happening to my son.

All of you professionals that are supposed to "help" my son - that is what you're supposed to do - you are NOT supposed to look down on me because my child isn't doing cartwheels at 15 months. It doesn't mean he's autistic - he's bored. I know him really, really well - you're going to have to take my word for it.

This week has been an homage to all sorts of stupid.
Tonight I do 3 hours of yoga, then I will drink some wine and I will sleep.
Tomorrow I will play with my son, and the next person that insinuates there is something wrong with him will have to deal with 110lbs of me kicking their butts...

The end...


  1. I love that poster -- that is one of my favorite Seinfeld moments.

    As a parent, I totally understand where you're coming from. Those pre-determined measuring sticks are vastly over-rated. You would think that being professionals they would understand this and would know that, as you said, just because a child isn't doing cartwheels at 15 months doesn't mean the child has a problem. I hold the firm belief that there is no such thing as a child that has something "wrong" with him/her. All children are special in their own individual ways.

    By the way, if you ever do beat someone down ... please video it, I love seeing uppity professional know-it-alls get what's coming to them.

  2. awesome!

    I remember awile back when they told us our son should be dressing himself by now, and acted like it was the end of teh world...

    I was like, "did you ever think he's just lazy, because we dress him everyday so he doesn't look like a dolt...Because if he got to pick his clothes you'd really be looking at us funny." Then he took everything off right there to show the dummies he could do it...Life was just easier when we did it for him...Now he's naked alot!

  3. I think all children move to their own pace and that's fine. Oh and I promise if I do decided to attack I'll record it. Granted that could get me in trouble...

    And the same thing with my boy Beeze! I've caught him standing in the middle if the room, seen him take steps but he wouldn't do things in front of them. So that means he's slow...