Sunday, January 24, 2010

Viva La Revoluction!

I spent a good portion of this past week discussing the finer points of starting a revolution. This is a conversation I've had over and over, year after year for a better part of my life.

I know what you're thinking, "Oh... we got ourself a crazy one right here..." (and quietly you tiptoe away), but this honestly something I think about.

One of my heros is Mr. Thomas Jefferson. You may have heard of him... signer and writer of the declaration of independence, former president, lover of all women... (what? It's true...) He said things like, "A democracy is no more than mob rule, 51% of the people take away the right of the other 49%" & "A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of a good government."

He also suggested that ever four years we "start over" and by start over I mean - clean slate - not the "apply a new bandage over the ever infected puss filled sore that is the government in this country."

[and so you know I like the current "bandage" I like him very much, but he was handed a plate of rotten sardines and told it was beluga caviar.]

Here is where the problem is people. We keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over but we just apply different disguise and we never really fix anything. We take the moldy potato salad and hide it under the mattress hoping it will just go away - but in the end the house just smells of to hell.

The men and women of this country where sent over seas to fight a war that could never be won. They have been there for 7 years. We have taken down a government and put a new on in place but still we can't find the man that started the whole deal. Bin Laden.  Is he dead? Is he alive? Was he connect to Hussein? Was all of it just another government play set forth allowing the U.S. the access to the Middle East that the Bush family has wanted for nearly 20 years?

Speculations after speculations. Theory after theory.

But this is what I know. I know that in 2001 the World Trade Towers in downtown NYC were attacked by two planes flying into them. I know that at the same time the pentagon was also attacked. I know that we are one of the luckiest countries in ALL of the world because in the 200+ years we have been a country at all we've had 2, just TWO, outside attacks on our home soil.

And that is a gift.

So what does this all have to do with me and my need to spew my ideas for a revolution that will never happen? I don't know. I supposed I'm tired.
I'm tired of watching the media tell people what to think, how to breath, where to shit and how to smile when you're getting shit on.
I'm tired of not knowing where my next pay check is going to come from.
I'm tired of seeing families without the means to get the medical attention they deserve as human beings.

I'm tired of hearing people not care.

I hear it when I talk about being a vegan/vegetarian. When people tell me how animals aren't smart, can't think, deserve to die.

Nothing deserves to die.

Not your Uncle Bob who is 1st Infantry in the Army and not his cow Bessy his wife had to sell to the local stock yard to pay the mortgage on their organic farm, because the big business of "factory farming" has put their farm in the toilet with miss leading Issues on the ballot - just like "Issue 2" (by the way - did you know that chicken aren't animals? That's right! The government has them listed as commodities and commodities don't have rights so they can be shipped in the mail, and there ain't a god damn thing you can do about it! None. BIG BUSINESS WINS AGAIN!)

We shit on each other because someone else shit on us first - it's spite, it's plain old retaliation, it's redundant and ridiculous. "Revenge is best served cold." BLAH! Revenge is a waste of time. It's a wasted emotion that is put into play to stroke your own ego.

No one is perfect.
No one is better than anyone else.
Character comes from inside - it is not dictated by ethnicity, class, gender or the "crew" you hang out with.

Would I ever start a revolution?  Outside of posting pissy comments on here, sadly no.

Why?  I know that I'm not military minded, I have passion - lots and lots of passion but I also have the ability to read, and even 100 years ago, the story was the same. Yes, I know what happens to people who piss off the "man."

They die.

They turn up shot. They wind up in an alley. I don't want to die, even if I am angry at this world right now.

I supposed I'm not mad enough yet.

But in the end the question I have is are you? Are you mad enough to do something about this mess we call our society?

And why is it that we can all find the time to vote on American Idol but can't get off our fat asses to change our government into what it should be? And I love Conan O'Brien and I think what happened to him was complete shit, but look at all of those people who gathered to try to save his job... why can't you save mine? (trust me when I tell you no one offered me 32 million to play with my son till September.)

One day it'll happen...  No, it may not be a rehashing of  December 16, 1773, July 14, 1789, or even January 22, 1905

But I hope after all of this - after Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Macarthy era, the 80's the first decade of the 21st century (just to name a few things) - that one day someone will be braver than me, that they will stand tall and say "enough it enough" and they will represent the 98% of this country that doesn't own Walmart.

Thomas Jefferson said 51% out weighted the other 49%, but who are we kidding - it's more like 2% and the rest of us are clipping coupons and moving in with our folks.

VIVA LA REVOLUCION my friends... viva la revolucion...

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