Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 years ago today...

Two years ago to day was the last show I ever played live. That popped into my head as I was folding laundry - boy how things have changed... lol...

I remember the show like it was only a few months ago, but the reality is that it was a life time. I've moved, had a child and pretty much taken a 180 on what I considered important in my life - but in the end I still miss it. I miss the smell of the bar, the sound of feedback, the hussle and bussle of getting all the equipment to and from the venue and most of all practicing.

I miss our dingy old practice space that smelled of stale beer and cigarettes mixed with a hit of mildew and sweat.

I miss creating something and then singing.

One day. (maybe). I just don't see how that would/will ever fit into my life these days. I feel if I ever do get on stage again it would be more of a "The Groomsmen" moment when we all get back together years down the road and give it a go for "old times sake."

Oh memory lane how you make me laugh! A life of booze and cigarettes and live music. Sticky floors, smelly bathrooms, loud people and bright lights. Missing setlists and missing cords (missing drummers).

In the end I love that I can say I did it. I was in 3 bands - no we were no The Who - but at least we took a chance.


  1. Wow. Very cool. Immensely cool. 3 bands = lots of awesome stories to tell your grown-up baby.

  2. My plan is to wait until he's a teenager and has his friends over. Some how I slip it into conversation - maybe set up a "reunion show" and then he'll be mortified by the whole situation.