Monday, February 8, 2010

Why do I let it get to me?

I love how I let the world get to me in just a few seconds. I'll wake up happy and dancing and by the time my breakfast is consumed I'm spitting fire and brimstone about nothing specific.

By far this is an annoying trait that I need to work on, but before I start that, here's the list of things ruining my day:

-I need to find homes for my cats. The combination of them and my child is just an timebomb. They are afraid of him, he thinks they're whats for dinner and I spend a better part of my day saying things like, "No sweetie. We don't eat cats."

-I also need it to be warmer out. This "weather in the teens" crap just brings me back to grade school when I'd attempt to stay indoors for recess and the good old nuns would force me out doors. "Unless its below zero, you can go play."

I went to catholic school
I wore a skirt
You can bite me Sister Mary Anne

-My son has his "one month" check up so his doctor can tell me that he's fine. This truly excites me because I know he's fine and it's a $20 copay on top of the $300 balance I own them. So what am I going to do? I'm not going. I'm tired of some crazed and scared medical professionals telling me there is something wrong with my son because he's 16 months old, weighs close to 30lbs and isn't walking.
"He really needs to be walking by now...."

Once again: HE'S 16 MONTHS OLD, WEIGHS CLOSE TO 30LBS AND he's double jointed.

I've taken all of ONE anatomy class in my life and even I remember the portion of the text that states double jointed means "less strength" in the joints. So maybe if I rephrase they'll get it.
"He's a little boy that has never walked and is afraid to, because he falls a lot due to being double jointed. Add to that the mere size and weight of him and I think we can deduce that he's not walking because he feels safer a few inches from the ground rather than his head being 3 feet away from it. That said, how much do you get paid an hours, feel free to write your pay check over to me."

Yes, I know I shouldn't let this stuff get to me, but when the cats are tripping me (or my poor husband who feel down a flight of stairs the other day due to one of them), and my bones hurt because of the wind chill that is drafting through our house and the phone calls from doctors that are more concerned with themselves then my child's well being (oh, they think he may be "slow" or "autistic" too)

The funny thing is I decided to hop online so I could find some text for inspiration for my yoga class I'm teaching this week. This is not very inspiring... I need to go be inspired.

I am done for now.

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