Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yoga - Books - and a brownie in the arctic with George Clooney

What is life if not a quandary?
This seems to be my constant of mind these days. On multiple levels I am extremely perplexed and it is segmented with poopy diapers and sarcasm laced conversations about how 'WONDERFUL' the weather is.

It's glorious. If you're in the arctic. (But if I was in the arctic there had better be a really good reason. Like brownies or George Clooney)

I only have a few weeks left of school and I'm scrambling around trying to get all of my requirements under wraps so I can (and very much will) graduate on February 28th, 2010. THEN after drinking some fine prosecco (because that is what I was told we would be consuming that day) I will get my little butt back here so I can continue work on my many yoga routines I need to have seeing that I start teaching the good old live public the week of March 11th! That's right! The day before my husband turns 33.

In the mix of all of this I'm now working (yippiee!!) part-time for my mother who was nice enough to give me a job helping her organize and execute conferences. (not my cup of tea but I can smile and hand someone a name badge. I know... moi gifted) That added to the yoga gigs will be nice (food!) and suddenly my heart feels better. (I was only 4 steps away from joining old Clinton in the ER... no good could have come from that)

Plus (because I'm mostly certifiable on good days and beyond that on the other ones) I'm working with the husband on a plot outline for a book.

(I could reference past posts that comment on my "current" work that never seems to meet fruition, but I'm sure you get the gist)

So I'm doing this. I am the mother/yoga teacher/writer/(newly) vegan cook and I will TAKE OVER THIS WORLD! damn it.

With that said if you're at all interested in my up coming schedule I'll soon have it posted on my personal website (which this isn't - this is the mindless ravings of... of... me..?)

But right now I'm going to go startle my husband by shoving my super cold toes against his back side.

good night!


  1. You crack me up...Good luck wit your juggling act!

  2. Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

  3. Beeze - I LOVE to juggle... I'm just waiting for things to catch on fire only the will it be truly interesting!

    Sfauthor - I didn't know about those and I'm sending you a million thanks this very second! What a wonderful gift on this blustery cold night.

    ~Shanti to the both of you