Friday, March 5, 2010

156 left to go - FREEDOM

There are 365 days in a year and I'm at 156 days left.
How is it that we think a year is long? What changes to make us see it's just a blink of an eye?
Yes, it's growing up, but I never felt it until my son. I never accepted it until I started this journey, forcing myself to look at the world and better yet, to look at myself.

Because we don't do that do we? We don't stop and look at ourselves.

We look at our bills, our houses, our cars. We look at our friends and our families but we don't look inside, god only knows what the hell we will find.

No one wants to stop and find out that they're the asshole in the room, they'd much rather it be that guy over there. You know, the one with the hat?

Time moves so fast and we freak out at 30 because we think we're "old." - 30 isn't old. 30 isn't the tip of the iceberg. We are mere children who were raised by TV shows that said we should be this, that and the other thing in this neat time frame and if we don't do that - god help us, everyone.

156 days - that's less time then I was in training to be a yoga teacher and look how fast that went?!

So heres what you do:
#1 - forgive yourself for what ever it is you are abusing yourself over. You are you and that is great. There are to many phonies in this world that are filled with nothing but a vacuous thoughts. Be different. Be crazy. Be weird. Just be you. AND stop apologizing for it.

#2 - forgive them. Who ever they are. That person that you are still holding a grudge against or a flame for or whatever it is. It is what it is and it's over so build a bridge and get over it. You can't change the pass - it's over - so wave your hand in the air and brush it away. Today is now. Not whenever that thing happened.

#3 - there is so much out there that is freaking sweet. So many people you have yet to me. What's that saying? "A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet." Think of all the new things you'll learn. The new places you will go. The idea on it's own is so exciting. Embrace it. Love it.

#4 - those people you love and never tell you love them because they "know" you love them. Tell them. Buy them a coffee. Get them some flowers. Show up with a 6 pack, but tell them you love them. They need to hear you say it and you need to hear you say it. Then hug them. There is nothing wrong with hugging.

#5 - just be. Life really is like a river. The flowing and at time raging Mississippi. You can NOT control its current, so why the hell are you trying? Just get on your wooden raft and float off with Jim to freedom. When you spend all your time trying to control it or trying to figure out what other people are doing or why are people are doing what they're doing - you miss it.
Don't miss it. It's awesome.

It isn't tomorrow. It's right now.
It's 10:36pm on a Friday night on blogger where you're expressing how much you've learned.

I've learned the above.
I've learned that I'm not afraid to say "I love you" to whomever I love - regardless.
I'm not afraid to be me.
I like me. HOLY CRAP! I LIKE ME!

That thing that used to sit in my stomach, that thing that used to tear me apart, it's gone.

We hold things so close because we're so afraid to lose them, but we don't accept that what they say is true, to be free you have to just let it all go.
If it's meant to be, it'll be back.
And when it happens you'll smile and you'll think, "go me!"


Go MEE!!!

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