Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Art of Blogging

When I started doing this five years ago it was nothing more than a joke, a way to make my friends laugh who "followed" me on myspace. I spent most of my time ranting and raving about a number of things from stupid new articles to the weather and very much everything else in between.

But let's be honest, there really is an art form to blogging.

When I moved over to here- to blogger, a year ago in January, it was a venting platform - it still is.
When I have conversations with people about "blogging" in the real world, what it is, what its about. I stand by my words that it's the future - not so much the diary aspect of it - but our media will be here, online, long after the last trees has been pulped into paper that blank ink letters are stamped into it.

[That will be an interesting day seeing the Logging Industry is such a little "go getter" our economy... but hey - they'll just make paper pants or something.]

So what is blogging?
What is there to blog about?
Why should YOU blog too?

Like I said - this is my ranting platform. I come here to tell my woeful tales to those who will listen. Some days it's funny, some days its sad, some days its a poem and some days I'm not even sure I know what it is. But this is me - I don't have a funny take on the current Administration, I don't want to only write about yoga (even though I do a lot) - I don't want to hand out tips on how to raise your children (I'm sure my "every things better when you're upside down" parenting theory won't make the next revision of "What to Expect When You're Neurotic") I just have my daily life that is very much just a normal daily life.

You can use your art to blog about whatever you want. Puppies or cupcakes. Pirates or Marauders. Weather or Canning. The choices are unlimited.

I think the hardest thing is finding the time to do it. Yes, some weeks there are many pockets of moments to steal from my other responsibilities, but then there are days like today where it's just me running with my hands by my ears so I can bat the bad away as I make it to the finish line.

I think I'll just keep my art form to the subtleties my life.
Of my son standing.
Of an unexpected text from an old friend.
Of a song that just sings through me.

The Art of Blogging keeps me sane and yes, maybe some days what I talk about mean little or nothing to you (my reader), or maybe there is that day when what I say is some how a mirror of your life but in the end I hope its both. Yes it saves me, but I hope that it somehow saves you too.

A twist of words that carry you through the air until you finally realize that you've learned nothing new, because I find with those moments you'll find most things that mean everything to you.

Why should you blog? How do you know you should?
If you've ever considered it for even a moment you should blog. There is someone out there that wants to hear you - even if it's just one person from a suburb just outside of Cleveland proper. :)

I write today because of this blogs
I write today because of you

So when you read a title of a blog and it sounds like the content is going to tell you to NOT do something because it's an art - jump inside because we're all artists in our own right. Maybe my art ins't for you and your's isn't for me - but it's still art.

My five minutes of freedom is up.
good night