Thursday, March 18, 2010

Death to TV

Over the past few months I've developed this great love hate relationship with my television. Most days I just want to launch the damn thing into the lake and be done with it. It takes up time, money and space in my life.

Yes, the item that went from close friend to becoming one of the biggest monkeys on my back.

If my husband is home the blasted boob tube is on ALL THE TIME. An example. As I sat feeding our son breakfast (at 7 am. "early to bed. early to rise") I was telling the boy how we could go to the park today and swing on the swings and slide down the slide.

From the other room I heard, "It should be a nice one! When I turned on the TV at 5:30 this morning..." and then I blacked out.

I try to stay impartial.
He's in love with the thing.
If he ever left me it would be for a 56" Sony Flat Screen.
It's his little Isle of Paradise.
Long day of work = ass on couch, remote in hand (or hidden so the little one doesn't eat it.)

And then it happens... we run through our night, baby, food, bath, and... ass on couch, remote in hand. And my butt is planted next to him.

Two years ago I just sat there.
Now I get so freaking antsy that after about a hour (tops) I have to get up. (This would also explain why my TV Blog is just a thing that sits there on the internet.)

"But I want to spend time with you." he tells me.

This isn't us spending time together. This is us sitting on the couch watching a bunch of stupid television shows I care little to nothing about. And you know what? Part of me feels bad saying that, because a very few of the shows I like, but I find if I forget their on... whatever... right?
And now it's in the 40's (at 5:30 in the morning, that's what the TV told my husband) so I REALLY don't want to be inside.

Maybe it's because I'm a stay at home mom these days and my house has become a coffin due to shitty weather and well, shitty weather. But now I'm doing the yoga thing and I'm writing every day and the sun is shining and I want to be out in it.

[there was a long time I didn't want to be in the sun because I was afraid it would age me - oh yeah, I TOTALLY know how vein that sounds. Now, I don't care. I like my gray hair. I love my wrinkles. They're my trophies that say, "HEY! I EARNED IT! GET THE FREAKING HELL OUTTA MY WAY!"]


I have 143 days left - forty of them will be spent in meditation. I would also like to have the first draft of my book done.

That said, I'm shutting my pie hole so I can shower and get with it.
You know, before I want to launch my blog out the window to sit on my law with the TV.


  1. I have been without TV broadcast since I refused the DTV mandate. I'm still alive. Now I have time to workout, lose weight, read, keep the house clean, think, relax, play all my musical instruments, ride my mountain bike, run, shoot my crossbow, research meaningful topics on the web, play chess and other mind exercises, watch nature, eat meals in serenity, keep my head clear of advertisements, sleep better, have more creativity, pray, study my Holy Books, and still watch the occasional DVD/VCR from the library at no cost. The nice thing about DVD/VCR is YOU have control: there is a pause and stop function. I don't even listen to the radio anymore, but rather compose my own jams on my instruments. I simply cannot imagine how married couples (I'm single) can waste time watching fantasy life on TV when they could be experiencing the real thing every day.

    Gary of Michigan

  2. Gary,

    It's just a mundane sequence of life. You do what you know because you grow tired and bored - and there it is all shiny in front of you.

    Just like Utopia.

    So you turn it on, like a drunk opens the next bottle, and it sucks the life out of you - just like the liquor does.

    I watch, maybe, an hour a night theses days. The warmer it is the easier it is for me to take my son outside. But being spring in Ohio, there are the days (like today) that are still cool. And with my son's lung issues we tend to stay bound to the interior of our house.

    I'm jealous of the freedom you found without your TV! One day, my friend... one day I'll join you. ;)

    Thank for reading!