Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keep on keeping!

I find that I'm coming on here and I'm blogging about this and that and when it comes time for me to stop - I 'save now' instead of posting....

Am I becoming overly timid?

I'm not very sure what the deal is. But I've turned my blog into a Doogie Hauser online diary that, well, I already have that - its called MS Word.

I've been so busy lately most days I'm just running like a crazy woman. Between my classes starting in less than a week to writing daily, catching up with old friends, going to a reunion to catch up with more old friends, meeting a new on on Monday, having a meeting tonight, then the normal baby/husband, eating, sleeping and what-have-you... all I can do is smile.

Sound funny doesn't it?

My husband worked 3rd shift on Monday so yesterday he was home. We had the grandparents take the little one and just spent (most) of the day together. (I had a massage in the morning that I wasn't going to miss!!) We went for a walk and discussed which was longer, last winter or this one.

I said last winter.
He said this one.

This one flew by for me. Between yoga school, blogging, being a mom through and through, and just finally getting my shit together - this crappy cold and snow ridden winter is nearing it's end. (and yes I know that last sentence will invoke bad weather for the next week or so. Simply put, I don't care.)

I came on here one night and cried my way through a bad time. I listened to you, who I do consider my friends. No, maybe we won't be meeting up at the corner bar anytime soon, but I don't think that definition is the only one for friends. People who read sappy blogs and then comment, regardless, you're all angels. LOL!

But now I'm getting timid...

Isn't it funny how its easy as hell to share the bad stuff but the good stuff... no... then I feel like I'm bragging. But I'm not.

I like being busy and writing every day. I love yoga and the anticipation in my soul about next Monday. I don't even mind that much that I'm walking off a head cold. (I do mind a little, just not that much...)

I think the funniest part is, right now I have a lot of reasons to not be happy - but they're all material. At some point something changed and that doesn't matter. So I can't afford a new outfit for my night out on Saturday, whatever. I'll make do, I always do!

And I'm sure it'll be fun! (if you don't remember the last time I had a night out... read here.)

And I promise I'll blog about it next week!

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