Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life is chaos and sometimes that mean puke

Some days come at you faster than others.
They attack like puma in the brush. One moment you're whistling a happy tune, and the next it's like scene out of Apocalypse Now.

The storm last night sounded like it was on a mission to strike something on my street. A pole or a house, it didn't care. I slept on the couch because of the snoring, plus my blood pressure was just straining the artery walls. Little voices dancing in my head.

Which was a bummer because I had meditate. Normally I'm good after that.

At 5:15a when my son woke, he screamed.
We have a screamer. I can NOT wait till he says more than "one, TWO, three" and "Daddy! Papa!"

Today was day 8 or 9 in a row. The husband has been working a side job so I'm trying to write, put together yoga classes, regular things like clean, laundry, dishes - AND entertain a 17 month old who is done with me.
I learned that I can type with one hand and play with the other.

He was not amused. His papa is only supposed to pay attention to him, not her work.

Then things looked up. First, I was hit with an outstanding amount of generosity from a large group of friends, some I haven't even seen in 15+ years. Second, my appointment for my back was bumped up to Thursday.
Two beautiful nice things that just let you know the world isn't just a pile o' poo-poo.

OH and THIRD! Out of no where, my parents drop off all of this fresh produce including kiwi, avocados, pears, rosemary, sage, basil, romaine, iceberg lettuce, swiss chard, and some squash and some blue berries - AND two huge boxes of diapers... just cuz.

How awesome is that?

My son and I cleaned the refrigerator (I cleaned he said "Papa. Look!") and ate some of the blue berries. This is very exciting because he is allergic to a lot of things and pretty much survives on the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, apples, toast).

We freshened up and walked into the living room so I could server my little lord and master his dinner.

My son is a "choker" - this is a fun thing where he, well, chokes on food a bunch. Most times its due to him really loving something so he shoves as much in his mouth at once. He pukes. He starts over. But today he got all up in the blue berries and he puked and it shot out of his nose.

The crying wasn't bad until he sneezed. That's when I threw out my back.
He flailed against me like a mad man. Screaming and crying until I was certain he was going to swell up again - just like last year at this time... (custard is bad)
Called my husband crying
Called my parents crying.

He's fine.

Just doesn't like puke coming out of his nose. I can't say I blame him. That does suck.
But now... now I'm looking at this and thinking. Yes, that was terrible, but he's 100% A-OK and all those other wonderful things.

I just need to feed him slower.
Otherwise, today was rad...

Thank you.

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