Monday, March 15, 2010

Pity Party - table for 1 please!

I came on here to write about my day.
It was my first public yoga class - no one came.... no worries, I half expected that no one would. This isn't the problem.

The problem is my pity party. The pity party that is induced by yet another problematic encounter with random crazies.


You see, I don't understand why I always fail in the "friend" department, but I do. It just is. You may even call it an "Epic Fail" due to the insurmountable quantity of these endeavours in my life.

It's embarrassing.

Like I said, this is a pity party, so I understand the need to flee - but alas the situation is still rather annoying. Things just always seem to work out this way for me, so that just leads me to believe I must be the issue, because who can't keep a friend?

Be it some weird fracture in my personality or the fact that they're just using me, doesn't change the fact that I'm at a loss.

(Want an umbrella for your drink? I have 8. It makes my sorrow juice looks super pretty...)

I'm trying the whole "bright side of life" thing but right now I'm more concerned with holding my pride near my heart as I remove the latest thorn.

I know 24 hours can change 1,000 different things - but for now I want to wallow and ask why, oh why, must I be the biggest loser on the planet? And then I want to go crawl under a blanket and hide. Till I'm 64.

In my next life... screw it - I'm coming back as carpet lint. At least then I won't be surprised when I get walked on.

Time to end this pity party...
enjoy your drink (mine tastes like watermelons with a hint of ego)


  1. I'm so sorry about the need for pity party. That feels...well, pitiful. I seriously laughed out loud about the "carpet lint" part though.

  2. If I take myself too seriously when I was having a pity party it would end poorly, so I'm glad I mad you laugh. :)