Monday, March 1, 2010

Step 1 - COMPLETE! And on to the next...

Yesterday I completed my yoga teacher training. Yes, I am officially a yoga teacher trainer and that means you need to hire me to teach you yoga.


Now I'm going to start writing again. Writing and reading and cleaning my house that was hit by that tsunami that was supposed to hit Hawaii. Yes, CNN, it hit my living room, dining room, most of my kitchen and let's not forget the bathrooms.

Holy hell. That's all I can say about that.

I'm in the best mood and I'm sad at the same time because, yes, now my weekends are MY WEEKENDS again but I no longer have a simple reason to see some pretty awesome chicks. To say this experience changed my life may sound cliche but it did. It made me a better and more positive person. It makes me smile. It makes me look in the mirror and NOT hate the chick staring back at me.

One of my oldest friends wrote me today telling me she is tired of being around people that just don't make her smile, and I think that she and I are not the only two people out there that feel this way. Due to responsibility and life we find ourselves in theses situations that are negative. That make us feel like bad people and like we have to do bad things to live the "life."

If you aren't in that situation, look at those people around you and thank them.
Tell them you love them.

But now I must go! I had planned on writing a long blog, but my house... well, you read the opening to this... its just no good!


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