Thursday, April 8, 2010

My mind weaves a tangled web... no, its more like a crazy ass roller coaster!

Today was one of those days where 1,000 different things I wanted to come on here and talk about. They ran from food to yoga, politics to music and most things in between.

Now I'm finally here and I'm a bit at a loss... the brain is not what it used to be. That and I'm super distracted because I'm busy all the time - and that is euphoric (in my opinion at least)

The political portion I do remember a bit. What it came down to is that a person from a long time ago has made comments that have upset those around me. They do no like the current political administration and they use facebook as a platform to bash them. I say - have at it. Isn't that what this country is supposed to be about? Freedom of speech? Not "Freedom of what makes me feel comfortable".

Most people only hear the words they're looking for. Words that will validate what they already believe to be "the TRUTH". In the end it's like getting into a debate about Abortion, Female Genital Mutilation or even just "The War" - there are and there will always be two sides. Having passion is beautiful and having an opinion is important but shoving it my face is annoying - and I will walk away only remembering that you refused to hear my side.

So save it!

Politics are poison and this country is in the carpool lane to becoming a live version of "Idiocracy" (mostly I m just excited for the FART museum.)

There was a segment on Attack of the Show (G4) tonight mocking the new Tiger Woods Nike commercial and they changed out the questions listing all the crazy things that have happened in the last week like - The Riots and fall of the capital in Kyrgyzstan, The Miners in W. Virginia who were trapped (and I'm sure died) in mines that were graded as "unsafe" more than a few times in the past 15 months, or the U.S. Russian Nuclear Arms Reduction Pact that just went into effect - all of these things people over look, but hey, Tiger Woods.

And then I calmed down.

I started thinking about Yoga. My class went well yesterday. Yes I only had two students, but I HAD students and that makes me smile.My class was on Patience, which is both enlightening and ironic (seen I can be impatient too... just like you). My next class is a mixture of the breath and yoga nidra. I'm excited for this because I want to walk down this road very soon. I want to work on yoga nidra and help people learn to relax and meditate. We let that go in our lives. We say we don't have time.

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing because if you don't then you can't do anything else.

I think I'll probably talk about pranayama in the class in association with the Yoga Sutras, or some other yogic text. I want to bring the history into some of my classes. Yes, the knowledge is beautiful but having a source is helpful.

As I sat thinking about yoga - ahimsa popped into my head. Its one of my favorite Yamas to talk about and seeing that I'm about 2 months into this adventure of becoming a total vegan - which is super hard because there is crap in EVERYTHING!! That just led me to food.

If you've read this blog for a long time you may already realize I'm a fan of food. I'm a big fan. I'm thinking about taking some classes to become a certified nutritionist. This excites the hell out of me. With yoga and meditation, adding nutrition makes so much sense to me. Live. Life. Breathe. Food. The more I see it the more I love it. But... the class is $450... so there is that. I'm try to sell my eye pillows (which you should TOTALLY buy and then tell your friends about so they buy them too. this pretty much is the only source of income I have coming in right now. *wink* *wink* *nod* *nod*)

See, this is how my mind works - so I'm all fired about about politics and how people aren't looking for the truth, they're looking for someone to tell them what they are thinking is ok, but I need to calm down, because it's counter productive to be all up in arms all the time. This brings me back to my yoga. My meditation. My food!! Which I adore. Then I think about how much that food I adore costs me and then I think of money and then I think of yoga and eye pillows...

And then I listen to music.

There is this newer band called Vampire Weekend - some people love them, some people hate them - I like them. I think they're fun. They recently covered a song from my favorite band of all time Rancid called "Ruby Soho"

Here is Rancid singing it:

And here is the cover:

That, my friends, is two parts of my life meeting in the middle of the road and blurring together... The jury is still out on how I feel about it. 

The song is about a relationship between a woman (Ruby) and her boyfriend who is in a band and how the band goes on tour and she doesn't understand it and the longer he's gone and the more times he leaves - she fades away until their relationship is no more.

"Ruby's heart ain't beatin cause she knows the feelin' is gone
she's not the only one who knew there's somethin' wrong
her lover's in the distance as she wipes a tear from her eye
ruby's fading out, she disappears, it's time, time to say goodbye"

So in the end I'll think about politics and I'll think about war. I'll dislike the media's push on a man who should be at home with his wife and I'll forgive those who get sucked in like deer in headlights at the mere chaos that holds us hostage like pineapple chunks in a jello mold. 
I'll think about patience and how it is so important, but only brought up to point out the wrong in someone and I'll recite commentary about how slowing down and stopping is so important to keep going and how good food is so important too - regardless if you take your pasta with our without meat.

I'll think of how music effects our lives just as much as all of those things effected me today, and I'll wipe a tear from my eye for poor Ruby.

Those moments...
Those are the ones we keep in our hearts
Everything else...
4 months from now... someone new will screw up and then we can mock them and not notice the orphans in Uganda that need your help too.

...destination unknow... ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby soho... 
sing it to me Tim... sing me to sleep.


  1. This is a great post! I've been so angry about the lack of coverage on riots in Kyrgyzstan, and why it happened...Then the fact that not only was the coal mine run by Massey not safe and they new it...Massey has been poluting that area for so long it's sick...But as long as tiger plays golf, oh what the heck!

    I'll be intouch about taking a yoga class soon...The punching bag isn't getting it done for me anymore!

    I'll take the Rancid version!

  2. The Kyrgyzstan riots and the fact that they over threw the government is such a big deal but all we hear about is all this celebrity hype. I don't even watch the news because it's just a mesh of stupidity and I want nothing to do with it.

    There are so many important historical events taking place but the only thing I'm hearing is white nose muddled in with hysterics about golf and "house wives" and reams of crap. Very annoying.

    You should come! I'm doing a meditative class next week and not sure after that. (haven't written that one yet)

    I love the Rancid one. Reminds me of many years ago when I'd sit in my bedroom and put my speakers on either side of my head and just listen to Out Come the Wolves on repeat.

    My husband met Tim once, and got me an autograph. I don't think I could ever meet them. I'd stand there and stare and then stutter a lot... that's what I do... so bad with the "celebrity" thing. lol.