Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ghandi said "be the change you want to see"
I think this is sound advice
I also feel you are who
you hang around
so be picky

When I entered my 30's everyone around me quit
They said they were old
that I was old
life was over and all there was to do
was slip into a
sedentary lifestyle

I'll have none of that

The change I want to see
has nothing to do with
doing nothing

I have these arguments in my head
with these people
who used to be my life

It makes me sad to see them do nothing
with such talents
they let fear control them
like a dog on a short leash
they can only see the leash

I'll have none of that

I want to see the world
I want to breath the world

I want to fly

You're your own worse enemy
I'm not sure who said that first
but it's true

so get out of your head

it'll only kill you

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