Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walking down memory lane is one hell of a good time!

Right now I'm sleepy.
I didn't make it home till well after 1am and today I went to this freaking awesome 2 hours back bending yoga class with Kathryn Budig. (If you ever have a chance to take a class with her I TOTALLY recommend it.)

Granted I was a mess due to the whole "being out till well after 1am" portion of the day. Plus I was drinking - so I realize I must have smelled like a bar floor. Which is always amazing in yoga.

My sides are a little sore at the moment, but in general it really was worth it. The only thing I'd do different would be NOT to go to a mini-reunion the night before and get all drinky drink on Harp! Totally should have separated the two into different weekend! Hindsight. It's like the GREATEST thing ever! lol.

Last night was crazy.
I've never really being one for reunions of any sort - more of the "Thank the gods THAT is over! Now lets get moving!" kinda gal - but since I've started this death march my perspective has changed. Yes, I'm glad THAT is over, but it happened for a reason an in the process I met some awesome people.

(Including THE BEEZE - he's supposed to have a "Monday Moaning" featuring our farcical adventure down memory lane.)

I spent the night with some people who I haven't seen (one of them at least) since I graduated from high school. Which was like 8 or 9 months ago... HA! (1994)

In life you will meet thousands of different people, but you will make very few friends. I was reminded of that last night. I was reminded why I spent so many nights sleeping over these girls houses. Drinking with them at parties. Driving around aimlessly for hours because we were underage and the only club that would let us in was torn down to put up a walgreens.
I was reminded why all of them were ever in my life - they all taught me something way back then and then again last night when I realized that those moments I feel like I'm alone - I'm not.

I've never been alone.
I'll never be alone.

High school sucked for everyone. It's just a part of life. You're young, you don't know your ass from your elbow, people are shoving their views down your throat, puberty, peer pressure and then if you're really lucky you went to a dilapidated all girl school filled with the Creme da la Creme of administration and teaching staff who decided to label you as a stoner and then write you off as a lost cause... or was that just me?

Regardless in those times, in the heat of those moments, in the depths of freaking hell that is high school, you meet some of the greatest people. As you grow you may forget, get caught up (you know... the premise for "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2") but at the end the day, even when you haven't seen them in 16 years - they're probably still there.

I believe you are a reflection of the people you hang out with. They are that blurb on the back of your NYTimes Bestseller that is your life - and I'm happy that these people were my "blurb."

Yes, we were in band and on stage crew (aka drama club) but we had the most fun ever ALL the time. Don't forget where you're from my friends, those things - these people, they made me who I am today.

And right now, I really like me.

Thank you for last night. Let's do it again before another 16 years passes (crap that would make me 51... LOL!)


  1. Saturday was great...I learned alot about my old friends, and about how lucky I am...We need to do it more often...Do I have to buy Yoga clothes?

  2. It was a good time! I'm actually proud of myself. Most times if I'm out drinking that late I'll have to call a cab and I was pretty much sober when I left... next time - WHO KNOWS! lol