Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What gets you going?

One time, a while back, some random person I met at a bar said to me, "You get off on people."

Being the over dramatic person that I (so lovingly) am, my immediate reaction was to become offended. What did they mean? What was their problem!


Over the next few days my mind was dragged back to the comment over and over and over. Until I realized they were right.

I get off on people.

Now, before you let your mind get to far down that road, I'm going to clarify - people fascinate me to the Nth degree. This is probably the reason I'm a writer. This is probably the reason I adore reading other peoples blogs. (and I know for a fact) This is the reason I'm in love with Twitter.

You all fascinate the hell out of me. It makes me sit there and just watch, and not in a bad way. I'm not getting all judgy on you - I just want to know EVERYTHING. I don't care how "gross" it is or weird you think you sound. It's just the voyeur in me that needs to know weird things about you.

Hell. I even write down "tweets" I see that I want to use. Not in a plagiarism kind of way, in a "mold your character into something honestly human" way. Where is a better place to learn that then from people watching?

All those things we tell ourselves we hate about ourselves are the very things I adore about you. Lisps and random coughing. Tapping and hair twirling. "Like" "Awesome" "Dude" - mannerisms. Odd collections of things I wouldn't ever think of having in my home or strange foods that seem almost mystical because I would never consider putting the combination together, let alone in my mouth.

So this is for you, random person a a bar a met a while back, you were right. I do get off on people and that is probably why I met you, why I met those 3 lads a couple weeks ago, why I spoke with two more last night. (I love when people ask me for yoga advice after two beers. I'll do yoga on a main road in front of a bar. Yes. I. Will)

Now with this new knowledge and my acceptance of my "eccentric" way of living my life - I feel even more like a writer. More like a true artist. Because let me tell you this - when E! does my THS in years to come it's going to be one awesome hour of TV.

I mean, hell, I get off on watching people and not when they're doing naughty stuff.

See... weird but totally true.


  1. I get off on people too...Naughty or not! Heck I just got off on my wife...TMI! I know...I can't wait to see you on E! but I think we will be seeing each other sooner!

  2. Since when do you care about TMI? LMAO!
    Yes, you will be seeing me sooner, but much unlike my E! THS it won't be narrator in an ominous voice. Which is kind of sad... just for an hour to have an narrator it could be fun. Or very, very annoying... lol

  3. ps... I'm SO gonna blog about us hanging out... lol