Friday, May 21, 2010

come see me, please

come find me, please
I will be
in the grass
in the trees
in the sky
I'll be waiting

waiting for the world
for a breath
for a moment
I will be
you will see
right there

don't take to long, please
I'm not impatience
nor a thought of indolence
but I am here
in this spot

I fear the ivy will grow
the moss with collect
I will be covered
you won't see me
you'll walk past
I'll be encased in vivacity

you'll walk right by

come find me, please
I will be
in my car
on the street
driving by
don't blink

If you blink
I may pass by
you won't see me

I will try to honk
and catch your eye
with the sun just right
and a full smile
hair blowing gently
in the breeze of the window

You'll see
I'll be living

but still...
come see me, please