Friday, May 7, 2010

GoodBye Girl

I'm not a big fan of the "earbud." I suppose I'm old - the general idea of having two over sized cans snugly fitted over my ears seems as homey as warm apple pie with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream sitting all melty on top.

In my head there is this perfect image:
It's 1983, I'm sitting on the matted dirt colored carpet in my childhood home. The walls are yellow in the living room and there is this textured copper/ gold palm tree wallpaper in our foyer. The couched and matching arm chair are avocado green and nylon - the armrests are hard as brick, but they make for a great spring board.

My parents just bought a stereo, an honest to GOD stereo. It's super new and doesn't even play 8-tracks, can you believe it? On top was the turntable, in the front dual tape decks that you could {gulp} play on one while you dubbed on the other... and a radio.

In the font was this jack with the head phone symbol next to it - but the jack was too big for my walk-man headphones. You know, those cheap foam covered things you got at the five and dime (or am I one of the only people that had a five and dime down the street?)

But it had a adapter that you could plug the smaller jack into... I hated it. (no cans for me back then either)

There was only one way to fix this problem. This ultra cool stereo system was equipped with two towering speakers that rose nearly over my head. I would take them and position them on either side of my head then lie there as the music poured into my head.
There is nothing quite like it - when you're alone, just you and your favorite music pouring into your every thought and fiber. Your subconscious nudges you to see things you can relate to - a word, a line, a sublet note in the back ground. All of it.

It resonates through your body, stirring your brain until your very soul begins to spin and all you have is a musical tornado tossing you through a storm of a symphonically induced moment of perfection that can only be compared to things like that "first kiss" the one that still, to this day, makes your toes curl when you even think of it.


Tonight that perfection for me is Squeeze "GoodBye Girl"
Squeeze is a brilliant band. Most remember "Tempted" I like that one too - but right now, GoodBye Girl is just the right thing I need. I'm listening to it on repeat, the lyrics are up so I can read along as they are sung directly to me.

Sunlight on the lino
Woke me with a shake
I looked around but to find out she's gone
goodbye girl
goodbye girl
goodbye girl

She took me to a hotel
The room on the second floor
A kettle and two coffees
Her number on the door
She said I hardly know you
Agreed with kissed goodnight
I knew that in the morning
Somehow I'd wake to find

Sunlight on the lino
Woke me with a shake
I looked around to find out but she'd gone
Goodbye girl
Goodbye girl
Goodbye girl

I love that its a sad song, but it's not sad at all.
He meets these women, it doesn't work out - so goodbye girl.
The melody makes me simile and the bizarre harmony adds to the perfection I find, now some 20 times, listening to the song.

It just makes me think...

I have an addiction to meeting new people. It's one of my most favorite things in all of the world. You never know what you'll find until you say "hello" to the person right next to you.
Most times these people are a one night thing - and I don't mean in the "stand" form - I mean that I meet them, we drink and are merry and then - goodbye girl, goodbye girl, goodbye girl.

I never see them again.

But everyone once in a blue moon...

Life will never stop making me smile if I let it.
People will never cease to make me smile as long as I let them.

I met her in a poolroom
Her name I didn't catch
She looked like something special
The kind who'd understand
The room was almost spinning
She pulled another smile
She had the grace like pleasure
She had a certain style....

Goodbye girl...
Goodbye girl...
Goodbye girl...
Goodbye girl...
Goodbye girl...

sunlight on the lino, woke me with a shake...

good night world.

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