Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I hate the smell of hospitals... I really really do.

May has  be prolific for me in the land of the blog. I have no idea why I'm blogging so much - suppose its just that I [suddenly] have too much to say.

Where else am I going to say it?

This morning I remember I was dreaming. I was in my old grade school, I was there because I was taking a class and that was the only place they could rent. But lucky for me my grade school was in NYC and now my hometown.
I went to leave but had forgotten something so I traipsed back up the steps into the room and there was my teacher - Jack Donaghy [aka Alec Baldwin] who was my teacher and Tina Fey [as herself] and another classmate. I think I had forgotten my keys, so I began digging through my bag [which was the bag I had used for my yoga classes] but inside was nothing more than piles of pin-wheels.

BOY did I find this funny! I started to laugh. Pin-wheel after pin-wheel. Each a different color or size. I held them up so everyone could see. "How could these be in here and no my keys?" I questioned. And the laughter rolled on until it woke me up.

I woke myself up laughing.
That has never happened before in my life.
It was glorious.

Tonight, while I stood holding my son's hand in the emergency room waiting to see if we could take him home and were I needed to get his new meds from, I tried to remind myself of laughing over those pin-wheels.

He would have laughed. My son LOVES a good pin-wheel! It's super cute because he tries to blow on them but usually just puffs his cheeks and spits at it. But no, instead he had the joy of crying because his little lungs are still not all that awesome.

Back on the nebulizer.

On a good note it looks like he'll out grow it. Only needing the treatments in fall and summer can mean "this too shall pass" and that was a sigh of relief, but regardless... I really do hate the smell of hospitals on my clothing.

To me, its the worse smell in the world.


  1. The Hospital smell sucks!

    Hope the little guy is doing better!

    Hell of a dream there!

  2. He's already a lot better today. We just have to keep up with the medication and then move :)