Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rain is for dancing and life is for living (cookies are for eating... I'm sure you get what I'm after)

It's hot and I'm tired and my head has been throbbing for hours now.
The weather man promised me a thunderstorm - and all we had was a drizzle with a sound machine playing in the back ground.

I know we're lucky.

One of my friends is moving to Nashville, another lives there.

But... I'm a fan of the thunderstorm. As I felt it rolling in I took my book and curled up on our window seat allowing the cool stormy weather to brush my skin as I read.

I'm one of those people who are terrified by the loud claps of thunder and jumpy from the flashes of lightening, but these fears only makes me love storms even more.

As a child I was always the first one outside when the rain began to pour - I stopped when I was older because it was deemed "embarrassing" for a young lady to run around in the rain.

You should never stop dancing in the rain.
You should never stop dancing at all.

I dance every day - I sing every day... this is who I am. I'm a rain and storm loving, singing and dancing fool. Forever the best time you'll ever have. If you can talk to you can sing, if you can walk you can dance - if anyone ever tells you that you can't, ignore them and do it anyway.

Sit on your window seat and let the cool storm air brush your skin until the hair on your arms stands up. Eat peanut butter directly from the jar.
Stop to pet every dog you meet, and buy yourself flowers because they make you smile.
Call someone you haven't talk to in a while and tell them that you care.
Let ice cream drip down your chin on a hot summer day.
Eat the last piece of blueberry pie.

And when ever the chance arises - kick off your shoes and dance in the rain!

Damn you weather man... I blame you for my headache.

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